anyone knows how to add SASL authentication to rcirc? I must do that now instead of authenticating with nickserv :/

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@jrss one way would be to
- start a tls proxy to irc server with netcat, instructing it to perform the authentication using your certificate
- nudge rcirc to utter upon startup "CAP REQ sasl\r\nCAP END\r\nAUTHENTICATE EXTERNAL\r\nAUTHENTICATE +\r\n" instead of the usual authentication. This shouldn't be hard for anybody with a grasp of elisp.

Another way i heard is bouncers that can do SASL.

@polezaivsani all these jumps just to pop in and say "hi, my (menu-bar-mode -1) doesn't work, oh wait, I have something else that activates it later by mistake, nevermind..."?

I mean, I understand I need to put some effort in but this sounds crazy. Maybe I'll figure out what's wrong with hexchat :/

@jrss you only need that if you want to stick with rcirc.

And of course there are much easier ways to tune in onto irc. Freenode has a webchat which would do just fine for this job.

@polezaivsani the webchat fails (stuck on "detecting vulnerabilities") and hexchat doesn't authenticate with SALS either, even though I set it up with my specific user name and password as shown here:

I'm giving up for today. It will come up again, I'm sure.

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