Dired to locate the image I downloaded while writing my post on then link to the file in org. Realize the file doesn't exist, eh?

No problem, switch to *messages* buffer, realize I asked Dired to rename to /image folder instead of /images and it couldn't find it, duh. switch back to Dired (it's all right there), locate the pic, this time move it to the right place with tab. Done.

I'd still sit there scratch my head: "where the hell did I just move this pic to?" without it.

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also Dired:

"hmmm, my image is too big"

"convert too-big.jpg -resize 70%"


you can't beat all these little things. Just can't.

@eludom ha, true!

I wasn't even in the mindset of "where is it??" but in the mindset of "I just moved it, what happened?" and the "what happened" was "let's see what Emacs told me" which is also a cool emacs "reflex" to have :)

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