long post about my experience getting (or trying to get) burner accounts on Google, Facebook, Twitter and Apple.

@eludom this is the one you said you hope I keep notes on.. well, there you go

@publicvoit - this is the privacy post I told you about, if you don't mind sharing your experiences?

Oh and @deshipu I was thinking about you too, with the sticking it to the man kind of mindset.

Hope it's ok to tag you guys, after all you're part of the motivation :)

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@jrss @publicvoit @deshipu Very good. Thanks for sharing. Thanks for doing the research.

After getting past "why am I doing this", "is it worth it to walk away from my friends on [X]", and the "am I just being an ornery privacy geek as an act of existential self-expression" questions, it looks like the answer is to move to things (mastadon) that have no motive to track you, or to simply stop using online services
(there was life before the Internet and online services, I was there)

@eludom @publicvoit @deshipu I was there too... but not for too long.

The biggest issue is not the content I'm losing on say, Facebook or Twitter, I don't miss it much (and there are ways to just view these without signing in). It's reaching out to people you care to reach out to, I think.

I talk to a lot of people who don't worry that much ask me why I worry. I say I don't worry, I just want to be aware. And to make people aware, you need to go to these places they go to...

@eludom @publicvoit @deshipu

I think this is why many folks who keep private off of Facebook and Google and such just don't bother and, like you said, are fine on mastadon and linux and they are perfectly happy, happier than those on their Mac for example who are upset because developer X is not up to snuff on the new M1 chip or whatever the hell.

So... usually, folks like, we just don't bother.

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