I wanted to start a "back to basic" series for org-mode and Emacs.

The idea is to make people more aware of what org-mode has "out of the box" without rushing to use various packages and code bits: the productivity philosophy behind the "why", not just the "how."

I ended up repeating a few things I've said before, so if you find that you're interested in more details about something, look under the "orgmode" tag.

Hope you enjoy it!


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@jrss good write up Josh. If you're targeting it to beginners a few screenshots might be very helpful to illustrate some of your points (especially around agenda and clock). Thanks for sharing!

@shom That's a good point. I kind of ran out of juice (originally I thought it's going to be a quick post... then I realized I probably going to have a series, and I'll start with agenda. After writing 3 days about agenda (yep) I realized I can even split THAT up. Sooo much stuff.

I think the key here is to keep adding also to previous posts as I go, maybe have a "dynamic" post of sorts.

Thanks for reading!

@jrss hahaha classic scope creep, glad we're all going to benefit from it.
Dynamic post is a great idea, it's basically refactoring code, you can reorganize as you go along. Looking forward to the series!

@jrss Nice article, would be great if you include a link tag to your RSS feed in your hugo theme header. I was able to figure out since I use hugo and it resides at joshrollinswrites.com/index.xm but many people might miss out.

@rhnvrm actually, I just updated the rss method (since hugo kept warning me about the old method expiring). Are you able to read full articles or just summary in rss? If it works as intended I'll add rss to the sidebar :)

@rhnvrm ok so I changed the RSS (hopefully) to include the full posts. Testing. And will include an RSS button when I get to it. Thanks for the tip again :)

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