Oh man. I slept well (no coffee after noon, apparently) and started writing out a post explaining my very-basic weekly template script.

I've been writing for almost two hours.

The depth in shebang or a mere date command... how to use, why it has weird options like counting seconds from 1/1/1970...

Wow, your brain can explode just from reading man pages and then looking up things online. So much information. So much better than just going to work... -.-

I'd study this all day if I could.

btw, the reason I went with *this* script is because the other one which I really wanted to post about, the script that makes daily encrypted backups, is already over 1k words. And I was only a third done.

There is just too much to explain. I realized that if I want someone to follow along, I need to start with something simpler, yet useful.

So you see, the over 1000 word post now is just the INTRO to the already over 1000 word post about the other script...

...Is this smoke coming out of my keyboard?

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