A couple of months ago I switched from LastPass to a self-hosted Bitwarden setup for #password management and it's been great. The apps and browser extensions even look nicer.

Thinking about making it a public service for Chinwag users. Seems solid.


@mike interesting. How does it compare to passkey, especially for personal use?

@jrss don't know much about that one specifically but it's pretty much a 1:1 feature match for Lastpass.

It's designed for online use, not so much offline. Browser extensions for autofilling forms etc are solid.

There's a lightweight 3rd party server backend - bitwarden_rs -that's a much simpler alternative to the full server they use for the commercial service. Since all the server does is deliver encrypted blobs to client software it doesn't affect the security model.

@mike actually it's KeePass I was talking about, just correcting for the record.

I might check it out! Personally I'm happy with an offline model that work with sync (syncthing in my case, but you can use dropbox or whatever) but a dedicated server based on foss sounds... good.

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