There are many of you out there who know how to write a nice template...

but did you know you can point it to a text file which can include a WHOLE org file, to be your template?

Imagine full checklists with several headers for a complicated process which you can summon again and again without even opening a file for copy-paste. My job just became easier.

@yisraeldov I'm actually going to (probably) write a post about it, as I'm disocvering more "under your nose" gems the manual is not very clear about.

But here you go:

("s" "setup-macs" entry (file+headline "/mnt/veracrypt1/Archive/OhSnap!.org" "Mac-Setups")
(file "/mnt/veracrypt1/work/setup-macs.tmpl"))

That part at the end, in its own parenthesis, tells ormode to "throw in" the contents of the file setup-macs.tmpl into the capture buffer.

@yisraeldov The file I use has *nothing else* but copy paste of the headers and checklists. No title, no options, nothing. This is important, otherwise it seems capture gets confused.

In my case, this contains two headers (before delivery, after delivery). The before delivery one has a checklists with sub-checklist in it, about 20 items, with a [%] to tell me how complete it is.

This would be pretty annoying to write down in a line directly into capture...

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