Wait... so can you not access the file system on an iOS device? How do you transfer music and stuff? Like real FLAC files and stuff... wait... you don't have an SD card port?

How do you people use iPhones?

@poetgrant iPhone are for people who don't want to access the file system. They take the phone use it and that's it.

@tursiops interesting... my mother wanted me to help get an mp3 file on her phone as a ringtone and I am just now realizing that I can't without maybe iTunes? Even then... I just don't understand. Why can't I just access the onboard storage device?


@poetgrant @tursiops

because you don't need to. You get an iPhone with an assumption that you never need to even know you have a local file system.

And for that matter, it still stands in contrast to macOS. Still, that is. With how Apple is going I wouldn't be surprised they'll implement more and more restrictions on that too (accessing only your home folder, for example)

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