Here's the post about the RP+Syncthing = Org sync I asked about earlier... consider it as draft, let me know if you have any comments, pretty please :)

And the blog might have some weird design design "oopsies" as I iron out my CSS, that too. @spelk @Strev @mmin @ArthurDent @kaushalmodi


Great article!

About the fstab, you can also have a look at crypttab, it should do it. (I decrypt at boot time using the initramfs so I have never used crypttab itself.)

@danyspin97 thanks! Ok I'll do some final corrections and post it also to medium (so more people can find it).


Interesting approach. I did spot a possible typo:

> I’ve been working this way (office and home) for almost four years, minute half a year of dual-booting with Linux-Mint as my daily OS.

Is 'minute' in the above sentence supposed to be 'minus'?

@danesprite @spelk @Strev @mmin @kaushalmodi

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