TIL how to launch Safari to our service webpage on a guest account on an iMac so we can use it as a kiosk.

A simple script and a plist file.

This title is misleading. While it's not a bad idea to update your master password often, the issue at hand is a very specific bug that grants an attacker the last password you used with LastPass, *not* LastPass' master password.

This just spreads mistrust toward a company that does a pretty decent job when it comes to security. And mistrust can lead to not using password manager at all: much worst.

Gizmodo: You Should Update LastPass Right Now.

Been up for an hour. No sleep at sight. *Sigh*

Time for some ?

TIL about the diff command, which is probably old news to many of you. Very handy in conflict resolution when syncing files in .

Then, of course, I learned has its own more powerful version of that.

Any or folks (or both) want to give me a few pointers before I dive into the manual later today? Maybe examples of usages, blog posts, etc.

I'm excited to learn this :)

Why journaling? Why digital? link.medium.com/8FoBBjd8RZ

As always, if you want to be up to date check my official blog at joshrollinswrites.com

"People want to read about what they want the most and experience the least"

-- Bernard, WestWorld

If you're wondering if this is for you: I'd say this is a skill level of someone who knows how to open terminal in Linux and type a basic command like ls... Basically everyone who uses Linux, right?

It... is.... posted. It's posted? ITS POSTED!!!


this is my longest post ever, and my first attempt trying to explain basic Bash concepts.

Please read! I need feedback!
Those of you who are experienced in Bash, and even more importantly, those who are new and may have tons of questions!

Thanks everyone, and if you think it's good stuff, please spread the word, I want more people to know the awesomeness that is Linux!

Wow moment: was listening to good FLAC music on computer. Someone rings the phone. Music fades out automatically, because I use KDE connect.

Take that, Windows!

Finishing up the monster post.

I'm going over the "fact list" and got into a rabbithole regarding $PATH in linux. It's kind of challenging to explain why a script won't work unless it's in your path just in a few words... ever tried? To a non-computer person!

Don't throw the "it's the variable where Linux saves a list of directories where the binaries are" at me, lol. Yes, yes I know that.

Anyway, this is fun to write. It's also approaching 3000 words of a post >.>

What's going on this Sunday, Fediverse? Tell me your story in a sentence.

Ok, I'm getting network errors from mastodon site and other oddities. First order of business is to clear my cookies and see what's going on.

I'm still working on it! Here's a proof:


2441 words folks. Probably the biggest post I've ever written. To explain... 4 lines of a script.

I went down a rabbit hole, and you're going down with me!


And today, a Mastodon question:
One desktop, searching certain topics (like say, ) gives 0 results. On phone via Tusky, many.

Seems like Tusky searches all instances (wanted outcome) while desktop does not. Why? And how you fix?

Question 1.5:
Happen to know any content creators who do ( @vicorva , have you any recommendations? ) it similar?

Many thanks, FedFriends.

Happy Friday all.. I hope to rest and go forward with the posts and explaining basic scripting stuff in bash :)

OK. Mastadon has magical powers.

Within a second after posting this, I was like "why won't I try org-agenda and see what's available...?" I use Ivy which helps with that.

Well duh. It's Bulk mode (you get into it with capital B in agenda dispatcher).

Thanks self, I guess, where have you been for two days >.>

folks, please help, this drives me nuts:

In agenda, there's a key combo that allows you to MARK several headers, and then with R to refile all of them.

What's that key combo? It's is not the default agenda dispatcher, it's something slightly different.

For the life of me I can't find it, and worse, I swear I used to be able to bring these options with "?" before but I can't anymore.

Thanks in advance!

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