Why I didn't end up getting the pixel 4, but got a camera instead...? a new post, and maybe, a new passion:


wait that's .004 cents per month so that's 4 cents for 10 months (for Ohio, US). so ok, that's 10 cents total? still worth it

Hey, folks that use Amazon Glacier, can you explain this to me: aws.amazon.com/glacier/pricing

This means that I pay .001 cents per GB per month, if I want it back it's 5 cents to ask for it and than .01 cents per GB.

So... if I want 1GB I stored 10 months ago....

I am paying 1 cent for it so far (10 months). To retrieve, I'm paying 5 cents, + 1 cent per the GB, so that comes down to... 7 cents? Did I get this right?

The more I go over it the less sense this makes to me.

The only thing stopping me from going full Linux on my Windows gaming machine now is phenix point, which is coming in about two weeks.

Currently using an old laptop which is mostly docked for Linux, I need more power for my photo and vid editing, and also want to put my good hardware into productivity.

I want to reduce the amount of time and money I spend on boring repetitive video games. New good ones are more and more Linux included, anyway.

Hugo updated, and I seem to have a couple of issues with building the site (yes @kaushalmodi I know what you're going to say, I just need to change my DNSs...)

Hugo cannot find the html pages for taxonomyterm and home.

I guess this means my baseof template is not generating an index.html and some of my tags have the same issue.

Wondering if netfly will fix it and if so maybe I should just switch now.

What should I write about next on my blog...

1. Windows annoyances
2. Getting a camera instead of Pixel4
3. No need for Plex/Emby anymore
4. Three days without video games
5. Maybe switching to Linux 100%?

Anything you'd like to hear about? I already started writing about the windows annoyances, so maybe that would be just a bonus one :p

I just read about Google's new Pixel4 face ID issue, and I realized something:

I'm trying to force myself to get this phone soon because despite of all the annoyance, it has an awesome camera.

Wait a minute.. what if I just.... get a camera? I can probably get something that takes amazing photos for half the price of the new Pixel!

Anyone has suggestions? I'm a complete noob.

saying "kill two birds with one stone"
-encourages animal cruelty
-dead birds

saying "feed two birds with one scone"
-socially conscious
-forward-thinking and encouraging of life
-hap birb

Managed to push through two posts today about the updates to my blog and a post about posts about updates to my blog (get it...? 😂 )

@kaushalmodi you might (maybe?) find this one interesting, it mentions various things I've learned the last week including hugo and netifly :p


@kaushalmodi ok now I see...

and it makes sense why I wouldn't have this problem problem with netifly: because I wouldn't need the hugo.html page to begin with.

Netifily will just create it for me, understanding my hugo taxonomy in my template files, written in Go (right?)

Ok this is intriguing enough to try. if I'm hostify on Netifly, I assume I'll need to make changes to DNS on git...? or will it just grab it from how it is now set up on github?


there's a lot of stuff on your site. I didn't know you created so many podcasts/programs..!

Ever recording anything on the road? on these longs hours? a trucker's journal...?

@kaushalmodi @unklebonehead

Ha! so new doc folder rebuilt, but the hugo folder in tags is STILL missing...! Why doesn't git catch this folder? What's special about it...?

let's double check my gitignore... not sure what else causing it

@kaushalmodi @unklebonehead

I'm pretty sure I know what the problem is. On github, I'm missing the hugo.html tag page, which exists on my computer.

I'm not sure why, or how git can "ignore" this file, but that's that...

Since I have many sync conflict /html.backup files from all the restorations I've been doing, and also many directories and files that no longer lead anywhere, I think it's a good idea to just *delete* the entire doc folder and have hugo rebuild it... (what can go wrong, right?)

@kaushalmodi you have any idea maybe...? my "hugo" tag (as in the tag that is about hugo as a topic) doesn't work, all others do.

there's an index.html for the hugo tag in the tags directory just like for the other tags, but you get a 404 when you click it - sidebar or going there directly.

I'm not sure what is wrong, since the page is actually there, and the link to it is correct... this is odd.


uploaded and update the "about" section on my blog.

This was held back for a while because I had to understand how to get hugo to treat this separate section of the website as if it's a post, even though it's not, so it can use post-related stuff.

makes sense? no? oh well!

@unklebonehead any chance you can tell me what you think? I like your opinions...
@vicorva if you want.. tell me what you think? I'd love feedback from a writer who probably read bio pages before!



today I discovered today that in order to get an "about page" to look like a post, I need to tell hugo to use the layout=single property. but ox-hugo "ran it over" each time I made changes.

So, wanted to submit an issue, found someone else with a smilar issue (where it was type) and tried to use

and it worked! *makes a little dance*

Do all hugo page properties (front matter?) translate through ox-hugo like this?

sometimes, you just have to take a step back and look at it all and say

"goddamn. That's a lot to deal with."

and understand you need a break/recharge.

on top of that, my father is in the hopsital in another country for a surgery and it keeps me thinking about my own mortality.

Some of it due to issues I got from him, some my own, some everyone's.

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