It's been ages since I wrote about a video game, and I'm not sure why. I play tons of them (the main reason why I still keep my Windows machine around and keep upgrading it).

How many of you gamers are out there? Would these kind of posts be interesting?

While my new post is pushing out (link's coming up) I need a direction from guys in here:

My homepage shows a summary of all posts I wrote. I want to change that so it shows only 10 summaries at a time, and then have a "next" link to go on. Anyone seen this in the wild? It's pretty easy to do but I don't know how it's called or what I should search for.

Thooooboy.... Zamanksy about Trump, twitter, freedom of speech 

with a triangle diagram, you have a situation where you can't have two factors on opposing sides that are low at the same time. Venn diagram means each situation is a new graph. 3-axis graph has a relationship between the two on the opposing Y factor where they either both positive or both negative... etc.

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For geeks:

how would you visually describe relationship between 3 factors, A B and C, where each value's lower values can be independent, but as they get positive they lead to a fourth one.

example... how hungry you are, how good you feel (as in sick or not), how much money you have. The combo of all three leads to eating, but each negative is independent from the other (you can be sick and hungry, or sick and not hungry, or have money but not hungry, etc..)

I wanted to say a few good things about KeePass, and the KeePass clients. Even if you're set on a password manager, I suggest you just give this one a look.

So I've been up since 3:30. Time to call it quits and get out of bed. Meh.

So what happens if I use WhatsApp with a number I didn't register with facebook? How will they use my WhatsApp info with a profile they don't have?

what's that tool that allows you to auto post from mastodon to Twitter...?

As I'm looking at my Raspberry Pi's terminal, running an ordinary apt-get upgrade, getting ready to reboot the thing, I'm thinking.

"This is a server. It syncs my files. It back them up to a cloud storage. It clones them to a second hard drive as a make-shift RAID of sorts. I'm about to restart it, I'm nervous as hell, and I triple check my files are backed up."


"This is box, this stupid RP, is what makes me an admin and not just a user. This is the threshold, right here."

I need more coffee.

Is this true for you too, or not?

So... I think I asked before.
Anyone has a quick guide to how use emacs Eww through TOR? And then maybe I'm wondering the same for IRC in emacs though it seems more complicated.

Good morning!
First day of "real" 2021 because it's a work day. Will you get confused and write 2020 as the date out of habit...? I know I will.

I rediscovered focused writing within and then I realized it brought it to a whole new level.

how does EWW help me write, and how does a keepass (password manager) helps me to open Firefox only when I really mean it...?

Happy new year all! a post reflecting on last year... and also a fix to all the broken links in the posts, pointing to the old domain.

#2020 #2021

Almost pushing another post, realizing my links in my old post pointed to the old domain, hence broken... while I love having a and I'm not looking to shift away from , this is a good reminder of what's good about a dynamic site :p

My partner's brother knows me well... Look what I got for Christmas!


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