The real zombie threat?

Ars Technica: Deadly fungus became resistant to all existing drugs in 3 unlinked US patients.

Happy #2020 ya all.

Have one video in the making (take 6 already... Not as easy as I thought)

Thinking about though 2019. Not a lot of changes, I think this is a good thing. Main points of my setup:

- individual org files for each week
- each weekly org file divided to "work" and "personal", more recently added "TAONAW" for my sites
- Syncthing and Orgzly to keep me orgmodenized on the go
- journal file split into weeks, wiki file

What about you? Questions? Opinions? :-)

I know I'm behind on updating, so I updated about updating...

I'm planning on making a video again, and for that I need some time and quiet and privacy, which for some reason a bit hard to get around this time of year.

Thanks for bearing with! :D

Seems to be related to my system fonts. No matter what I change in , it doesn't take effect.

my on Kubuntu (latest try) seem to have default to some iso system font which looks ugly and changes italics to underline. This seems to be a result of UTF-8 Encoding issue.

Trying to save the file as UTF-8 and using :

(prefer-coding-system 'utf-8)
(set-default-coding-systems 'utf-8)
(set-terminal-coding-system 'utf-8)
(set-keyboard-coding-system 'utf-8)

in init doesnt' do the trick. It seems like a simpler problem that was caused when I changed system fonts to ubuntu... any suggestions?

Maybe I'll nuke my openSUSE and try kubuntu again...? Hmmm

I'm sad to say this but Linux is still disappointing in terms of gaming.

Some of the games that are supported officially are not working, and all I'm getting from support is "sorry but your distro is not supported."

Then those that work can crash.

Meanwhile Lutris is not working (games don't install) and reports my Nvidia driver is not updated, but I've updated directly from Nvidias site.

Gaming is not such a big deal and doesn't mean I'll give up full Linux desktop, but it's a minus.

OK.... time to stop listening to classical music... no sipping coffee, hiding away inside my warm home hoodie. Time to go out to the cold, down the street, to a place where I pay money to climb on various torture-like machines to squeeze some exercise before I sit in front of a computer screen for most of the day.

Wow. This is depressing. Hmmm... Any suggestions for funny YouTube (or the like) streams to watch?

Basic (I hope) question to you guys today.

I'm having a problem on my new Desktop setup where I have an annoying too-wide margin to the right of the frame when writing long form (posts, journal entries, etc.).

I tried to play with fill-column width, just to learn that the line would break at the end of the specified character limit, as seen in the picture.

This drive me nuts.

How can I get nice fluid lines fill the frame, border to border? I forgot. Global visual-lines is on.

@kaushalmodi experiencing issues with ox-hugo auto export, placed everything in issues in github (#312)... just reaching here too as a habit, github is still so alien to me >.>

I'm a techno-geek-IT-guy who loves but doesn't really use it to code or to develop anything like most of emacs' folks...

I'm a photographer-writer-creative weirdo who can't stand any of the propitiatory crap-ware like most creatives...

sounds like I'm in between the two camps. Sounds like anything else in my life. Perfect.

New post, "the long goodbye to windows," is up on

@trevdev @jocor @ticho

leave a comment if you want, I need to get back to write all these things :)


a theme in my posts:

"configuring a machine the way I want it in Linux is never a quick process. In contrast, when I restored my Windows desktop, all it took was signing into my Microsoft account. That's what you get for having a corporation up your behind"

Still at it. Nothing Epic, but it feels good to be writing again and listen to music while at it.

some lines that came up as I was writing:

"configuring a machine to work in Linux the way I want it to is never a quick process. In contrast, when I had to restore my Desktop to Windows in the past, all it took was signing into my Microsoft account... But that’s the price you pay for having Microsoft (or Google, or Apple) having a probe up your behind and knowing everything you do."

Working on a post of switching my desktop to duel-boot openSUSE windows.

A bit of a story about how I name my computers, why I didn't move from Windows esrlier on my desktop, and why openSUSE.

Anyone curious about something specifically?

ok first of all, have backups.
Second of all HAVE. BACKUPS.

I have two, turns out one of them is wiped, something I did by mistake somehow I'm sure, my other online backup is working... thank god.

Now, if you use and , which you should because it's freaking awesome,

please please add this to your init file:

(setq delete-by-moving-to-trash t)

means when you delete, it goes to bin, not gone forever. shift D still = rm though.

A way to restore files deleted in dired in , anyone?

I'm starting to feel the same, though for me it's more that each machine I work with bas its own craziness going on and I'm tired of customizing it.

Of course I could just clone one flavor I like and that's that. But that would be easy. Lol

Question to Linux folks:

If using stable release, and care about UI, how do you design your theme? Light/dark, colorful/one-toned, etc... KDE is assumed, but I could be wrong.

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