my company (which is fairly large) is having some internal changes. Our IT department is going to be swallowed by the bigger IT department which we branch out of.

This is an operational consideration rather than a budget one, but as I see a senior sysadmin (who landed me that job) leaving and our CTO & director mumbling speculation that amount to "I don't know," I don't feel that great.

I've been training for security+, and I hope to take it soon... I got to.

I notice that I answer more question on the org reddit and have more ideas about a good work flow with org. I remember that not even a year ago, I was using Onenote and afraid of trying Emacs.

Interesting things happen.

A kind of question:
How many of you use on a regular basis? Would you be interested in a post that focuses on orgzly, the mobile app? Why yes/no?

Thanks :)

poor guy

> Benefits Of Open Office Not Extended To CEO

> “I feel so bad that he doesn’t get to enjoy the intense collaborative synergy of this work environment the way the rest of us do,” said junior developer Megan Chen, one of three dozen DigiMax employees who spends the entirety of her workday sitting within arm’s reach of her colleagues at a long, unpartitioned table, and is unable to look up from her laptop without risking a moment of awkward eye contact.

Another post on and this time why it's not just that easy to translate an agenda item to a Google calendar event. At least, not for me. Check it out at and let me know what you think :)


I want to look into what files are being constantly accessed by windows on my machine and what is being done with them as possible. then I want to monitor what network activity goes in and out of my computer every night. What's a good way to start doing that?

So, I'm back. Physically I've been back for only a week. Mentally though, I took a longer break. I've been geeking out at work as usual, but seems like my writing took a back seat.

Check out again for updates, another post coming up very soon (possibly within the next hour).

tip: did you guys know you can "hide" a link inside a comment (a line that starts with #)? You won't get the underline format, but it will still work if you move the cursor over the word and press C-c C-o to open it.

Resolved. Had to delete the token that was in the file, which prompted for re-authurization and a new token. That's what I needed.

any folks using with org-gcal?

I'm at the point I'm getting error 400. I recall when setting it in the past I was supposed to get some token, not sure where to find it / reset right now.

Another question for you IT folks out there... How do you organize your keys??

I have office key, mail box key, two keys for doors, a USB and a Kensington lock key I carry with me all the time. I tried different solution for all kinds of "magic key holders" and they all assume you have normal, boring keys. Nope!

What's your solution?

People who here: morning it evening? Which do to prefer? Why?

OK , those who need social media to stay in touch with other people (family, readers, etc.)

two questions:

What are some of the best practices to keep your accounts safe? which social media do you still use to keep in touch with the less-tech inclined?

Is there someone here who can explain dew point to me in a way that makes sense so I can decide if the night is going to be humid or not?

I get what it means, just don't understand how to apply it to "do I need my humidifier on tonight?" question.

Someone who's been reading my blog for a while (apparently!) wrote to me that one of his favorite posts about was gone. Thanks to him, it's up again (

Makes me wonder: I don't have lots of readers, but few loyal ones

Took me 20 minutes to manuver around that orbital station, just to land and realize I forgot the cargo 4 jumps back at the origin.... Ugh...

I want to write a post explaining what keys I'm pressing by using visuals. I'd like to find an online virtual keyboard that highlights the keys I'm pressing, and then I'll use a screen grab tool to capture what's on screen (or even better, if such a tool can export directly to an image).

Does anyone knows any tool like that?

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