@jrss I think we're reaching a point where enough writers have stumbled onto tech that we're going to see a like, second-gen of these techs that're driven primarily by our notions, and I'm not sure if that's going to be great or an utter clusterfuck of ignorance, but either way, the third-gen is gonna be legit!

But wait! there's more!

Also introducing my first post on a video game. It's not a review, more my personal experience playing


If is your thing... let me know what you think!


OK! Part 1 for my capture templates in org (with explanations of how and why) is up! If is your thing, let me know what you think!



While at it, the blog has org-mode and emacs section which contains more, older stuff. I'm looking for general feedback about content and such, don't be shy :)

I am though pisses at the manager.

I mean dude, your spine is in such low levels you can't walk to our room, close the door, and tell us to please be quiet anf why? You have to go through me?

Always the one picking his slack. Tired of it. Guy doesn't manage he's a scared puppy who tries to please everyone.


Manager finds me in the bathroom (he recognizes me by my shoes). Start chatting with me as I'm pissing. Resumes to asking me that we (our team) should not laugh as much because our CTO walks to his desk and asks if we don't have work to do.

I'm not angry at the CTO, he earned the right to be a dick if he wants to. He's the head, he's has an MD *and* some PhD in computer science, and hes nice overall - just got us all chocolate pudding this morning (a package of like 50) because wtf not 1/2

What. it's 07:00 already? I'm having too much fun writing and reading about . There are a lot of people to follow, here and on reddit, I wish I could capture more blogs and rss feeds though, hard to keep track.

good morning everyone :)

#Irreal: Zamansky 54: #Org Tables irreal.org/blog/?p=7759

I, too, love the #spreadsheet capabilities of #Emacs #orgmode so that I stopped using #Excel or #LibreOffice #Calc altogether many years ago when it comes to my own stuff.


I'm working on it...! two WIP posts:

one is about Subnautica and what it taught me about fear (my first post about a video game). Pretty much ready to go, just final edits.

second on is about my org-mode template... it got a bit long so I'm splitting it up to parts, and I'll post one template each time (I have four). this will allow me to really go into all the details I want to go into :)

If you guys have your own writing going on, let me know! :)

while making coffee, I think things like:

is linux as a desktop OS stable just because people who use it know how to troubleshoot and can fix things quickly...? 🤔

@emsenn you inspired me to write a more through post about my capture templates in .

I have a draft already down, hope to finish by tomorrow, depending on work pressure. I'm breaking it down to steps so hopefully it could benefit someone who's just starting out and is "worried" of messing with these things like I was only a few months ago.

was trying to write some more, but brain not working. Got one post about which is a good video game about facing your fear (imo).

want to also write a quick post on my at-work capture and such.

Opened windows today to work on something for work. Greeted by the helpful ribbon in File Explorer.

Wow. Who's doing Microsoft's GUI?! What are they smoking? I forgot how horrible it is!

The best invention of this GUI - the ability to minimize it out of sight.

Ladies and gentlemen.... the new (maybe) .


See kids, that's what desperation of falling stocks do to a company. Steve Jobs is probably going to come out of the grave and choke Tim Cook with his bare zombie hands.


This is a ...different kind of question for the community here.

My partner is amazing at drawing erotic art. I know mastodon has communities of furries and what not. Anyone might feel comfortable pointing me to a place like that? I want to ask about commission for some things perhaps.

can use email too if you'd like, it's jarss at the protonmail dot com.

so far trying to just install one of the commenting systems (staticman, utterance.es, talkyard) fails in different areas. meh.

Apple might see its future as "services first" company, but consumers see it as "hardware second" now.


anyone here who uses @hugo have a live example of ? Curious to see how it works and not on the demo. Considering how easy it is next to Disqus.

"I don’t think a setting hidden so deep in the OS  will go very far in giving Windows 10 Home users a feeling of control over their operating system."

Windows 10 is Microsoft's OS, not its users. I think that anyone who's serious about their productivity should ditch it without a second thought. Only appreciate home usage is games.

Treat windows like a game, you won't expect much of it, and you won't get pissed.


tech geeks:

Don't you sometime feel the gap between the knowledge you have and that of regular folks out there is sometimes frustrating when you're trying to explain something?

I know I do, and I know nothing next to most of you. I can only imagine how it must be for some. What do you do about it?

Personally I feel manuals are part of the problem: written by the creators they often use terms and explanations that are alien to new users.

as I'm becoming somewhat less dumb in things like that, I am realizing how much time I needed to develop the mindset that tells me where to look for certain things and what may cause an error.

I wish I could transfer this knowledge to new people who have no idea what they're doing, I remember my initial frustrations. Question is how...

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