question I can't find by Googling... how do I change one occurrence of a series?

example: we have a meeting every Wednesday at 1pm. someone's busy, we change it to 2pm for one week, but otherwise it should stay 1pm.

I got so busy restoring my changes on my blog last night, I forgot to ask about one of the major things I couldn't figure out yet: adding a short summary above each list page in a section in my site.

according to hugo documentation, what I'm looking for is to create an file under each section. These files are identical besides a short paragraph at the top, tailored to explain what each section is. However, seems like Hugo ignores these files. Why?


@kaushalmodi the error is:
! [rejected] master -> master (fetch first)
error: failed to push some refs to ''
hint: Updates were rejected because the remote contains work that you do
hint: not have locally. This is usually caused by another repository pushing
hint: to the same ref. You may want to first integrate the remote changes
hint: (e.g., 'git pull ...') before pushing again.

@kaushalmodi I'm a bit freaking out because "something" happened on my remote repo (github) and now I can't push without merging changes again. I moved my site to a domain and turned on https, which might have caused it.

problem is... just did bunch of serious changes locally, and I don't want to lost them. I'm also not sure how to merge. In the past, with something like that I just started a new repo which is not an option now...

I'm bugging out a bit. What should I do :/

Here's a basic ssh question I'm trying to figure out. I have two ssh servers, one on my desktop, one on my RP. If I connect home from work, how do I choose which one I want to connect to?

So does this means SharePoint will run well in chrome now, or does MS need to kill IE as well for this.

Ars Technica: Report: Microsoft is scrapping Edge, switching to just another Chrome clone.

Here's the post about the RP+Syncthing = Org sync I asked about earlier... consider it as draft, let me know if you have any comments, pretty please :)

And the blog might have some weird design design "oopsies" as I iron out my CSS, that too.

@danesprite @spelk @Strev @mmin @ArthurDent @kaushalmodi

hey @kaushalmodi and -hugo folks (and just folks) how do you deal with quote blocks?

In org, I used to do it with a code block, but it's strange. I mean, what kind of "code" is it? maybe there's a way to include css in a block (basically a css block that will execute the text inside it?)

Anyway, what are your thoughts? what do you do?

Happy thanks giving. I'm greatful for ox-hugo 🙂

I'm reading Zen and the art of motorcycle maintainance. It makes me feel bad that my custom made desktop is not neat and tidy and probably not maintained well. I'm a helpdesk person for a living, and I take pride in wiki articles I write for my team to set computers up.

Where can I find a community of computer enthusiastis that are not just all specs and code? You know what I mean? People who really take the time to pick up the right screws, software, etc... I'm not sure what I'm looking for.

Well, shit. I'm writing it! It's a long one.

Raspberry Pi + Syncthing = awesome org mode sync haven. Could be annoying to get there though. Anyone would be interested in reading about it?

I don't think help desk title or whatever have you really matters anymore. You know what you know. You learn what you want. In this kind of a career, it doesn't stop at work, you always have your own projects or you don't really get anywhere.

I'm thinking of finally taking the A+ though, because you need to show you know certain basic things and (I guess) above a certain pay grade.

What do they experienced at-work techies think?

Important to talk security, since it will be facing outside: planning all devices using a key, not password. Other tips welcome..

Another question (I'm on a roll today). I want to get a RP


to use with to sync files.

Basic setup: openssh server, hook it up to a USB SSD, install syncthing. Then, all devices (got 4) sync to it.

No file is really bigger than maybe 2-3MB, we're talking text files. that's it. it will be wired to router, but other device sync to it with wifi.

looking for tips: needed accessories? is it reliable? better product (same price range)?

Hey @kaushalmodi (and others), what would you recommend is the safest way to take *out* a commit from git hub? I'm worried of messing it up and then messing up my hugo blog :/

my logic says - do it locally to your own repo, verify it's gone with status, then push.

Is it that simple?

So my -hugo setup is a live an well in a VM after the crash this weekend. New post is up. Oddly enough, been discussing depression with several people lately, and the post that has been waiting to be pushed for a week now was on my own depression.

Hopefully it's a good read. I should start adding categories to my blog...

Just a reminder for those of you techies suffering from chronic depression: it's a thing. Like every other thing. In the eyes of others, you are not what you feel, you are what you do and create. that's how we know you, that's what you are to us. Keep it up, ask for feedback, take care of yourself!

And this is why I'm running linux in a VM again. Meh.

Can't someone try to help me with "couldn't get uefi db list" when secure boot IS off? I can't boot into my machine :(

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