It's becoming an obsession. There is no way to get passed sms verification for a fully functional twitter, facebook or Google account. I've been at it for days.

There are thousands of sites that provide sms sending and receiving. I can use them to text someone. When it comes to the big companies though... It doesn't work. Nuts.

@friend @tastytea

thanks for the help today, so far. I learned (and relearned) things and found an alternative for reddit and someone reached out and provided some tools that might be helpful with finally getting some account verification without giving a real number.

Can someone more familiar with working with can take a look at this and tell me if I'm doing this wrong or is this an actual problem:

So, reddit's r/privacy subreddit blocked my post because I used a new username which came with a weird burn email address and from a VPNed IP address...

this morning is all about irony, I suppose.

@eludom post made me remember I wanted to ask folks here: have you ever got a burner number, a cell that was not tied to you through a credit card or similar? I'm finding it hard to do.

I could go to a store and shell out $100, just for a new phone and the cheapest pre-paid plan, but even then I think they'd force me to provide a credit card as a "precaution". I feel like a criminal just for wanting something that doesn't traces back to me. Any suggestions?

Post 2 on thoughts on privacy.

Thoreau, Muir, and Audubon would not recognize today's "wilderness" experience. Huxley and Orwell might.

"Signs, Signs, everywhere there's signs..."

Post 29 of #100DaysToOffload

My partner is recording some super personal vids and when he said "I'll use Google Drive" I almost got a heart attack.

SO, being as user-friendly as I can, I tried to keep it short (and failed)...

A bit of truth wrapped in layers paranoia. I see these articles all the time and I'm tired.

First, "extremely insecure." Huh? No one broke the encryption here, and theoretically, all apps are safe.

Second, what the hell is a "crawling attack"? Sounds like OSINT to me.

Third, if you're serious about your online privacy, don't use default settings (always check) and never your (real) phone number? Privacy 1:1 people.

Tried x11 forwarding with emacs client and it's very slow.. currently my setup is to work with syncthing and have several independent emacs boxes. TRAMP doesn't work (not sure why, looks like the fancy shell prompt issue, but using sshx didn't solve it).

How do you edit your work with emacs away from home?

slowly setting up my new RP4 for it's purposes.

I was playing around with samba and setting it on linux was easier than doing on Windows! O.O

Now, what would you advice as far as securing it? Any tips?

Upgrade my RP3 to RP4 so I can mount external hard drive and connect the Ethernet on a separate BUS? Sure.

All I need to do is just swap the SD card with the OS, I mean, it's the same thing isn't it..

Simple? Just like that? Nahhh... that's now how we do things around here:

Back at gym today. Wow I didn't realize how much I missed it. Probably the most

Round two.

Lots of folks from Europe on Mastodon :)

it's 6AM.Time to try the old vampire trick, close the sun blocking curtains, blast the AC so it's cold and dark like in a tomb and try to get some more sleep.

I don't like my insomnia but I'm learning to be more creative with it: ranting here to anyone who would listen, worked on another post, and now I'm going to dream of Switzerland (thanks, @kensanata )

again, woke up in the middle of the night (3AM here). Sometimes I feel like spoiled prince who can't sleep when the air is a bit too moist or bit too dry, or if I had something to eat a bit too late, or if I was too exciting falling asleep... meh.

Man. It is *hard* to unlock an android phone. It's like it's fighting me. I used to be able to do it.

As much as I like the Pixel hardware, I hate how much Google is up my butt with things. It is *my* phone. I *brought* it with my money. Back off.

Manuel Uberti's #Emacs covers *everything* he needs and therefore, he stops tinkering his configuration:

OK and folks of the mastodons, answer me this (pretty please):

is there a way to harness the power of Emacs without running Emacs? How do you do it?

Say, for example, I was to create a macro that uses occur in a file, then replaces all instances of that text with another text, and I want this macro to run with chron once a week...

...or, more org centric, say use org-clone-subtree-with-time-shift in org-mode on a file without actually opening it in emacs, etc.

How would you do it?

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