What would you say is the equivalent of windows defender in macOS? Or, does it not exist?

was wondering if you can help me (guide me) with hugo: discourse.gohugo.io/t/how-do-i

pointyfar is trying to help, but I feel it's kind of me asking: "how do I built a table?" he says "here's the instructions" I scratch my head and ask "ok, what's metal, what's wood, what are screws and where do I get them?" if that makes sense.

I watched the youtube on taxonomies and looked at the instructions. The video gives an intro, the instructions are too far out...

Hey, techies who use . How long does this thing holds on battery?

I have only one USB drive connected, and planning to have a 2.5 hdd case attached instead in teh future. it's on the whole day. How often do you replace batteries?

Trying to find a way to have it working without power line for extended periods.

random issue with lastpass on a Chromebook, and now I have a post about switching away to keepass. Finishing up, posting soon..

If you're a LastPass / KeePass user (or better, used both) I'd love to hear from you :)

Got around to tweaking some more with my site's CSS. You can still tell it's Hyde, but it's Hyde +. The little borders and lines add a lot, the new font is easier to read, the max width of the site makes sense, while the narrow navigation bar makes it easier on smaller screen. We're getting somewhere.

Hey @emsenn and thoughts? ^.^

@kaushalmodi ok! It *looks like* I solved this one in my own...

conflicts in Git are marked by "<<<<<<< " to show the conflicts between the branches. All I had to do is to go into my files (had two conflicting) and delete what I don't want, delete these markings, and save.

I pushed, and looks like the new CSS changes are there!! woohoo!

@kaushalmodi also, before I did the merge:

1. I staged everything on master, and pushed. worked fine.
2. I checked out foo, did my thing there, hugo server worked from there all fine.
3. when finished, staged everything, comitted, made sure it's clean, fine.
4. checked out master again, then, asked for merge (m e, so I can add a message). It chose foo as default (I guess because it was the last one I worked on?) pressed enter (where do I put the message? I thought it's like a commit), and here we are.

@kaushalmodi So... I now want to merge with magit, and I have a conflict. I opened the log and it tells me I have a conflict in my site .org files (where I write the posts), and that it failed auto-merging. It wants me to resolve...

...so what does it mean, "resolve". Do I go in there and just save it after I make sure it looks like what I want, or is there another copy of a file somewhere I need to delete first..?

I'm reading up, but I thought I'd send you a message also see what you have to say.

I don't know, and this is obviously becoming a rant, but watching Solo as a reflection of society today (because that's what it is) make me feel good about dealing more with computers and less with people. Just saying.

I keep telling myself I'm getting old and grumpy and that's why I'm running out of patience with "the kids today". I'm not even 40 yet (and ai can't believe I'm almost there).

That L3 drama queen robot is a good representation of what I mean.

Rewatching starwars (and all the new ones) - so far only "meh" movie is the one I'm watching right now: Solo.

If I do this correctly, THEN I'd like to export this local gnome calendar to Google with only certain events. This has the benefit of inviting other people and getting directions on the go.

I'm looking into integrating better with my calendar.

I know there are packages to sync with google calendar, but I want to integrate with my local calendar, in Linux Mint cinnamon (I assume it's the gnome calender?)

So what I'm thinking is to add a hook (I think that's what its called) that will save .ics file each time I save my w[##].org file. This file changes every week though.

The other thing is, how do I use the location feature in the gnome calendar, so it opens a map with location?

woke up at 3am, couldn't sleep much more. Was thinking, ok well, let me read the emacs manual, thast would be dry and broing...

...and hour later I'm brainstorming ideas to improve my workflow. BAD idea!

So, . A year in more or less. I have no desire to switch back to Keep, todoist, OneNote. All of them are fine, but that feeling in my stomach, wondering if the company will keep the app going for me tomorrow or if they'd get bought or changed beyond recognition... All gone. I'm at peace

So far, a good self-care weekend: a nap in the afternoon yesterday, and now finishing a walk in the warm weather.

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