I have a set of number data in properties under subtrees. Anyone knows of a food way to plot this in a graph, a basic line chart?

The headers are nested, not all numbers are under the same level.

If not in emacs, what software would you recommend?

Last night I quickly implemented a EWW-wordnik function. Wordnik (wordnik.com/) is an excellent word-definition website if you haven't heard of it.

Abo-abo's define-word does this, but it's too brief (github.com/abo-abo/define-word) so came up with my own thing with some help from IRC.


The office 365 account keeps getting disconnected from the calendar app.

iPhone user: the problem is with Microsoft and how they authenticate their office account. Need to contact them to fix.

Android user: *downloads tasker and sets it to reconnect whenever the account stops syncing*

I don't like being right when my boss is wrong. It means I need to think hard on why and where he's wrong so I can nod and say yes and then keep doing what I know is the right procedure while he assumes I'm doing another (wrong) procedure. It's extra work where I need to keep my process different so things work.

I give up arguing after a certain point. It's pointless. He has some good points but too proud to listen to my "yes I get you, but that's not what I see".

What apps do you use that are pure Google or other big tech on your Android phone, even though you have FDroid? The ones that "sneak" up on you.

My example: I thought yesterday how I use voice dictation all the time phot to save notes into orgzly (which is from FDroid)

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I didn't know the link from would come with a "press to play" option. Cool!

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If you like and music that seem to take over your neck muscles and eyelids (you know what I'm talking about if you really let yourself get sucked in) check out Melodysheep. Currently listening to continuum.


The thing with bosses I can't stand is that they always have to be right. Even when they're wrong. Especially when they're wrong.

Always easier to say "whatever you say man" and go home.

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Unpacking a new MacBook from work and I have to say I am impressed by the thought that went into the package. Very easy to open, no knife needed, pull tabs etc.

If only it was so easy to open their machines

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I do think it's a brilliant idea to shoot #billionaires into space. I'm not so sure about re-entry though ... 🤔 🚀 🌍

@kensanata I just want to say, I enjoyed reading your green tea post.

I love how you post (almost?) every day and how leaning about stuff you do in general is interesting. Makes me think it's ok to write more of that sort of stuff on my blog too.

Keep it up! Also I realize it's been too long since I purchased good tea.

If I want to expand my photography, I can't be pure Foss. It's not just a question of vs , it's also that you can't take classes in (even though I find it superior to in terms of functionality), or that squarespace takes care of SEO and offers support, where with Hugo, which I love and stay on, it's all me. I'm just one person.

I'm trying some of the non-freedroid apps on my Android again and evaluating.

Some apps are excellent, especially specific ones that are good at one thing (example: city mapper vs Google maps). Some Foss apps are better than big ones (OsmAnd vs Google Maps for hiking, and of course, orgzly vs... I don't know, Google keep?)

Still, in some cases need to relay in big brother because there's no clear alternative (Google's native Android camera app vs free ones)

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You know what I learned during the pandemic?

The core of my work is about 4-5 hours a day. The rest is lunch, talking to someone, meetings, getting to a place and going (I was working in a hospital during the pandemic). And the rest?

Prioritizing. Organizing. Writing a short wiki in work related knowlebase. Hell, I was even able to pay my bills on time. Most of all, I grew. I had a place to grow and learn.

There's no such thing as a productive 8 hour workday.

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This has always been true. It didn't take the pandemic nor the mountain to change a reality, but to show what has been true all along.

Open office environment is bullshit. Always has been, always will be. Anything resembles it is a disaster to productivity.

There are team rooms and meetings and water cooler and too many chat apps to communicate with co-workers. These are not going away. But what self autonomy, and the ability to think for a moment? What about quiet?

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