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is now a buzz word. This was inevitable.

Once a special niche which only the geeks understood and knew enough to care, now it's a term every marketing firm uses to slap on their product and every end user brings up as a "concern" to their IT department.

The result is that this doesn't change anything. True privacy is still a niche for geeks who used it before the buzz and will use it after the buzz dies.

"plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose"

Problems I still need to fix:

The css link is definitely broken once the site is published in netify. Something about my site's setting is pointing at the wrong thing on this other branch, need to figure this out.

It would also be nice to have some staging subdomain to point to from Netify, but I think this means I need another subdomain and point DNS to it etc... don't really need all that with the previews Netify gives me.


@kaushalmodi tagging you in case you want to weigh in 🙂

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I've been playing with magit and netify for the last hour and a half (I am on a "sleep 5 hours or less" spree for some reason 😕 )

I'm doing things I haven't done before, getting the "jist" from reading documentations and using my intuition.

managed to create a branch in magit, commit changes, and push to my repo. I never done this before, seems to work fine.

Netify sees the new branch, and after some tweaking I can look at previews from Netify app.


folks... turns out my site uses build 78. Are there major improvements that are important to know about in the new versions?

So far what I have works fine. I'm considering and update to my tags, but nothing major. Just wondering.

And in other news,

and all.

Woke up too early sweating. The heat in these buildings is on/off, so when a cold day like this hits (going to be in the low 20s to teens) the leave the heat on at night, which means thick blankets is a bad idea.

Coffee already gone, and now I'm trying to get myself to do a bit of a morning exercise, hoping to go back to some routine.

My morning read was about vlans vs subnets. I think I get the jist now (layer 2 vs layer 3 in OSI etc).

etc 😅

I haven't had so many people weighing in on a question I asked before.

Getting more personal is not easy, and the fact that so many folks voted to give me their opinion means a lot.

The vote is still going. So far it seems the definite majority doesn't mind either way, while a respectful chunk is interested in hearing more.

I have some theories about what people think: a blog post is probably coming...

If you'd like to express an opinion in addition, please do! and thank you all. This is awesome.

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I have never had so much money given to me in a single day, not even my birthday lol, thank you all people.

If you feel like "meh, he already got enough, I want what I gave back" please let me know too xD

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Also, if you can/want, please boost this last, I'm wondering what people think in general, especially techies, beyond those who just follow me.

Thank you! :D

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A substantial part of who I am has to do with polyamory, kink (as in bdsm), and just general feeling-emotional stuff I don't usually talk about here or my blog.

Usually the assumption is, it's private, it's my business, and folks don't care about that in general. It doesn't seem like a good fit for people who read my stuff, here or on the blog.

I'm wondering if this is true. What do you think?

One thing that drives me nuts with my Synology is that if doesn't respect ssh keys anymore, since a recent updates.

Followed online troubleshooting and checked permissions for the .ssh folders and files, these are fine. Synology settings are fine too, I haven't changed them.

Anyone with recent experience of this?

Also, while you're at it: why am I up?

Thanks, now I'm going to try to sleep again.

@claudiom welcome back. This whole sdf thing makes me think I should export my data on a regular basis

anyone playing word of warships here? I'm starting to really dig this game.

Things I like about personal blogs:

- angry geek comments that make no sense to anyone but other geeks
- laughing reading said comments and nodding in agreement
- learning of cool things w/ tools I already know
- learning of cool things w/ tools I *don't* know
- just learning
- Being able to comment, say hi, what's up
- Getting help from enthusiastic folks (as opposed to an unenthusiastic people, like my third grade math teacher... anyway)
- DnD! Emacs! Weird shit!

And, a question for the evening.

What kind of tags make sense to you on blog. What's a good taxtonomy to you? What works, what doesn't?

Any examples to share, or blogs that do it well, or sources..?

Good morning and all.

Today I'm wondering, what news sites do you follow that give you information you care about.

Looking for a good mix of real works and technology reports, that is hopefully not littered with ads and doesn't lean to much to the right or the left for that matter. Just information.


Thanks in advanced!

Ok, so people are upset because Google's art is too much corporate-like for them..? Maybe Google shouldn't be so corporate like and come up with a slogan, say, don't be evil...?

How about... Don't use Gmail then? Google is a corporation, and you better remember that.

Android Police: Gmail replaces its 'inbox zero' graphic to the relief of corporate art haters.

I use the one the one post per subtree, and they all connect to my orgfile: (that's the option I use).

So imagine there's a big org file, with 3 headers (one for each section, about, contact, blog) and they each have posts as sub-headers. Each post gets a file name. I hope this helps

Right my org file is on my git ignore since it has a bunch of drafts and notes and I don't need it for the blog. You just need to change the file it refers to and that's it - I use netfy for publishing

One of the reasons The Vege gets to me: "People have adopted more hobbies and want their laptops to do the same"

What the hell does that mean? Even if it's a direct quote, can you explain it? Computers picking up habits... Does it mean I also need to throw them a treat if they play dead..? Wait! No! I take it back!!

I used a burner email for two things: world of warships (game) and been verified, a company that sells people's information (stalker basically). I played the game for about a week, investigation I did only last night.

You can see a third email in the picture from an unknown list which I did not join. Who do you think sold my email address out? Lol.

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