In capture:

Getting a file from template is possible: (file [path to file]).

Getting promoted to enter value for a property is possible:

Suppopse I want to use a file as a template *and* get promoted for a set of given properties... What would the syntax look like? Any examples? I'm not a LISP guy, go easy... >.>

I will have the warning later. It's Hugo, not ox-hugo

Anyone knows why Hugo is telling me rss link something is going away and I should change how I use my links?


This morning, working on organizing my new capture templates, I hit another org-mode problem with an "obvious solution" which the manual doesn't seem to make very obvious.

This time: Using a two letter combo for capture templates ( "iw" for "interruption walk-in" and "ib" for "interruption boss" for example)

The manual covers that in one line that you need a dictionary to break down, and the example is not good.

I smell another post coming. Hope you guys like org capture ;)

Last week, Mastodon adopted a beginner-friendly default interface 👍

So, maybe this would be a good time to spread the word about Mastodon to a wider audience?

If you're on Facebook/Twitter, you could do a little post about Masto with a link to ? And a link to a good instance running 2.9 or above?

(Also, I think some people were doing Mastodon posters?)

If people hear about Mastodon from many different sources, they are more likely to try it.

#Mastodon #Fediverse

I just want to thank all the mods at (@bclindner @danielhglus @fuzzface) for their work handling reports on the instance, and especially this week with the wave of spam we're seeing on the fediverse.

An extra-special thanks to @bclindner for building tools to automate moderator responses to these spammers, and for open-sourcing those tools to help other admins:

There are many of you out there who know how to write a nice template...

but did you know you can point it to a text file which can include a WHOLE org file, to be your template?

Imagine full checklists with several headers for a complicated process which you can summon again and again without even opening a file for copy-paste. My job just became easier.

My post about in made it to irreal! Got so many people interested. Thanks again everyone! Makes me want to keep writing and sharing my experiences :)

Just for the record, I'm very much willing to give up Sunday as a day off and get a day in the middle of the week instead. Anyone else feeling this way?

Me: *puts food in stomach*


ME: ...are you appeased by the sacrifice dark master?

Stomach: ....RRRRR

Me: Until the next harvest then.

Local journalism, while important, is not the main issue at hand.

The main issues is how these companies handle our most personal data. There should be regulations to how safe they are, how reliable, and of course, if they are transparent enough through their endless wall of TOS text.

But having that data available might just be too comfortable for these officials to risk. I'm sure the big tech companies make sure of that, too.

Local journalism is so often based on social media, and readers are lazy and prefer the echo chamber of their online friends.

Following news and filtering content requires effort.

In the age where we have "personal assistants" who are fighting over who's telling us the weather in the morning, why would I waste my time looking and paying for a weather news in the local news outlet?

But that's not something you can blame tech for. And comfort is not something you can sue for.

“Concentration in the digital advertising market has pushed local journalism to the verge of extinction” 

That's the first thing they came up with? I'm sad to see how disconnected our officials are from the real issues at hand.

NYTimes: House Opens Tech Antitrust Inquiry With Look at Threat to News Media
House Opens Tech Antitrust Inquiry With Look at Threat to News Media

I'm proud to introduce an interview with the maker of , the app that started my personal quest toward and even .

Check it out:

Orgzly: An Interview · The Art of Not Asking Why

This is a long shot, but my company is hiring for a desktop position. This is an awesome opportunity for anyone who wants to tap into tech. In New York. No one is saying it directly but we'd love to have a non-cis male on board. The place is safe. Please spread the word, ask me any questions. Thanks.

This is scary. Is it the beginning of compiling and storing people in a database for constant monitoring? London is saturated with cameras. New York has followed suit. Those cameras that record you entering a Walgreens could access the database and record your every movement.

Is privacy almost completely destroyed?

a fantasy world where all the techbro wizards don't know how to do any spells except by summoning this one demon who they've enchanted to conjure up a pocket universe wherein four imps will build a complex system of runes and inscriptions in which a goblin will finally step and say a magic word that the wizard could have said in the first place if they knew what they were fucking doing, anyway i've been installing ruby gems today, how are you

VMware is up, emacs is up, files synced. Last part is figuring out if I want *all" files synced or have personal files accessible through TRAMP.

in the past it was TRAMP though now I'm having connectivity issues. Running out of time (need it ready for tomorrow).

All files = another backup of personal machine, can work offline or when file server is offline.

Just work related = more privacy, keeping lines of work and personal separate. TRAMP ssh requires password and later key.


Looks like openSUSE comes with the option of emacs & syncthing installed straight out of the box, including all updates... And it works out of the box with VMware including VMware tools!! Wow. As if someone read my mind regarding my work environment!!!

I would like org-capture to populate properties from data I'm grabbing from shell.

That data, two strings for now (for two properties), is in turn captured from text fields on a webpage in a browser.


1. Open Firefox, go to the webpage with "ticket number" and "userid"
2. Run script, captures "ticket" & "userid" > strings
3. pass strings into org-capture as properties.

I'm sure someone figured this out somewhere, maybe Lisp, maybe bash, maybe there's an extension somewhere...

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