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I'm getting added by more and more people here... Thanks! It's awesome yo know my tech rants are interesting :)

I also have a blog where I rant even more and if you have specific questions on something I said I can direct you to relevant posts.

Another thing:
I think that if I do such a switch, perhaps I could go ahead with a NAS that I can use with owndrive (or similar) and Emby for movies (or similar).

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Been struggling for a week with my backups to B2. Duplicati is a free project and it makes backing up really easy.

I went on the forum and asked for help and had someone rubbing their head with me for quite some time.

I don't really want to go the Synology path, un-FOSS and unfree, but it seems like that's the place you go when you're "serious" about your backups.

Suggestions? Opinions?

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Almost 06:00. Need to get back to bed. Long walk ahead of me, doctor appointment, and work into the night that will continue tomorrow morning. Bleh.

A new challenge in dating online: people use horrors such as kik to mask their "real number".

It was as easy as asking "hey, where can I get that leak that was on the news?" yes, that's it.

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A post starting to touch the huge topic that kept me busy for the last couple of weeks: gaming on Linux. Specifically, playing games that re not meant to run on Linux. This post is just the intro:

I wonder if now is the time to find a DnD group online... how has the experience for anyone who's playing here?

"They can't be an angel. They don't have wings! No halo! They're... human!"

"Exaggeration. Like many other things, angels are a metaphor on steroids. Many saints and 'enlightened' people were captured with their aura. A halo. It's a state of mind that allows you to see energy fields surrounding the body. The wings... OBE. Out of body experiences. When you dream, you can fly. When you meditate hard enough, your very being is able to levitate. Hence, your wings."

Dear user, saying "the whole thing doesn't work" doesn't help. I have no idea what this means.

Can you please describe it to me like I don't have the telepathy you assume I have, and stop sending duplicate work tickets instead of reading what I wrote back to you?

Thanks. Have a nice day. Or don't. I don't actually care.

taking a look at my limping exercise routine, I wrote a journal entry which ended with the conclusion that I need to try to run/walk (be outside) every morning.

Anyone here has the discipline to exercise every morning? What's your trick? @claudiom I'm thinking of you... any tips?

Games I've installed so far and had working through various "hacks" and scripts available online.

Most of the games here are not meant to run directly under Linux and need Wine tricks. Some are from Steam, some are from Epic (without needing the Epic store). Some require a bit more tweaking than others... but they all work.

The environment is more inviting and more stable than Windows.

Seriously, f*ck Windows.

I think my insomnia episodes are back. Third night this week of interrupted sleep.

Something a bit more personal...? OK.

Here's a post about spending a weekend with my mom teaching her how to use a Mac. Turns out, I learned from teaching her just as much as she (hopefully) learned tech from me.

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...time to run to work.. early today, making sure the servers are on.. where's baseball bat

Alright cool. Gotta go early to work and then I hope to post something.

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