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My overdue :

I'm a who's written on Alias, Fringe, Hawaii Five-0 and The Blacklist, among other shows.

I love animals and post photos liberally.

Obsessed with and .

And I'm currently trying to drag everyone from Twitter over here.

Lincoln is great for yard maintenance, but you can’t let the dude anywhere near the weed crop.

When I can’t sleep, I close my eyes and count conservative supreme court justices falling into a volcano.

This is the only goddamn bible that's allowed in our house. It also happens to be the only one that has any truth in it.

Now that I'm Zoom-room every day, I've once again taken up fidget toys. They help me think. Behold my rainbow magnet balls (which is also my porn name).

Teddy and I intend to have the laziest damn possible. If anyone needs us, please don't.

Looking for that one mobile game that can fill the existential void for 15 minutes.

My eldest daughter Willa got a spa day today and the groomer sent a photo.

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