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Trusted Internet Protocol Registry for IP addresses: ASN, company, country, city, type, geolocation, carrier info, and Threats/IP reputation , working well @ very low cost

I been very absent from mastodon ! If people interested in Cybersec , you can go on my fb profile and looks at some albums i just publish.

For all my contact "live lover broad aster guru" You should take a look at free open source studio/tools with a tons of features and with easy integration with all popular live products we know , take a look at OBS Studio (windows , mac , linux)

Pour mes contacts "pro-du-live" et qui cherche un bon outils pour ce sentir equiper comme les studios de cinema d'hollywood!

Capture et mixage audio-vidéo haute performance en temps réel. Créez des scènes à partir de sources multiples, par exemple captures de fenêtres, images, texte, fenêtres de navigateur, webcams, cartes d'acquisition, etc.

Configurez un nombre illimité de scènes et passez en toute fluidité de l'une à l'autre via des transitions personnalisées.

«D'ici 2022, les notations de cybersécurité deviendront aussi importantes que les notations de crédit lors de l'évaluation du risque de relations commerciales existantes et nouvelles.» - Gartner

Trusted Internet Protocol Registry for IP addresses: ASN, company, country, city, type, geolocation, carrier info, and Threats/IP reputation , working well @ very low cost

A very nice project , they deserve all dev support and all other IT who would relay on it

Voici le nouveau type de marketing que Google désire voir aller de l'avant (et déjà en utilisation).

Le "Neuro Marketing"

C'est le fun le bigdata.Le fameux principe du "machine learning" ainsi que la puissance des intelligence artificiel. Tu n'as pas besoin de dire aucun mot , ni même une expression facial trop prononcé. Ton cellulaire qui peut aujourdhui prendre ta température, savoir exactement ou tu es dans ta journée, ta santé actuel(programme fit) etc.. etc..

La puissance brute !
6.1 Million /Video IDs
350,000 /Hours of Video
2.6 Billion /Audio/Visual Features
3862 Classes 3.0 Avg. Labels / Video

a RaaS operation that experts believe was developed by GandCrab authors, McAfee observed the emergence of "all-star" affiliates who have gone above and beyond what typical affiliates do.

"Now you're seeing affiliates beginning to recruit individuals that are specialists in RDP stressing or RDP brute-forcing," Samani said. "Threat actors are now hiring specific individuals based on their specialties to go out and perform the first phase of the attack....

Besoin dassistance pour le lancement de votre projet ? Vous voulez decouvrir les atouts de DigitalOcean ? - Joffre assistance et support a tous ceux qui vont creer leur compte a partir de mon lien :)

Are you feeling lonely ? .... not me... just a regular attack dissect!

Companies with DevOps plans have "2,555 times faster lead times"
IT departments still struggle with implementation. Recent survey from cloud sandbox software provider Quali pinpointed some key issues with adopting a DevOps strategy. Many departments, for instance, still used a ticket-based approach instead of using self-service infrastructure. And speed was another problem-less than a quarter (23%) of executives promised delivery in under 24 hours, and more than 50% cited that it could take a month or more.

Good *clap* for a nice project: A libre lightweight streaming front-end for Android.

Thanks to modern cryptography, browsers can usually detect malicious websites that are provisioned with forged or fake SSL certificates. However, current cryptographic mechanisms aren’t so good at detecting malicious websites if they’re provisioned with mistakenly issued certificates or certificates that have been issued by a certificate authority (CA) that’s been compromised or gone rogue.

Thats why i love this cert monitoring service, receiving alert direct in browser or by mail.

My domain is

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