Hi, if you’re on Mastodon, you should almost certainly be on Glitch. We want you making cool indie web shit. It’s $free.99 at glitch.com and that’s my #spon content for the day!

@anildash I'll second and third this. Glitch.com is AWESOME. Nothing like spinning up a full fledged domain running node with the click of button.

I used it to teach #HTML and #WebVR (via AFrame) to some high school kids.

Not having to worry about how to "post" things (hey, I can walk over to another machine and run my demo) or host media is GAME CHANGING for learning to code.

@blair @anildash
And you don’t need an account, which is important when I teach 8yr olds at the library. They don’t have email addresses!

@joshmarinacci @blair yep, that is very intentional. We think about that use case a lot.


@anildash @blair It made a huge difference. Thank you. Now if you could just make control-P do up arrow instead of jumping to the search, that would be awesome. :)

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