In South Carolina, more inland... Hoping for the best.

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This place isn't Twitter, it's our own space we've carved out of the tech-giant-run, abusive internet. If you come here expecting this to be Twitter and for everyone from Twitter to be here you need re-evaluate how you think about things.

We are different here.

Trying out FreeBSD again. Whew it's been a long time. Looking forward to it!

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This Fedora Atomic Workstation setup is pretty slick, save for me being unable to install gcc.

Anyone have any thoughts/experiences on Fedora 28?

Going to check out Slenderman movie with the kids... They are 12. Am I a bad dad if I take them?

Good Morning! I am getting ready to hit the gym

Solving major work problems on a Friday = Priceless!

I really don't pay attention much to the rankings on Distrowatch, but is Manjaro that good that it took over Linux Mint as #1!

@distrotube I saw your video about Bliss OS. Do you Remember the company Jide? I bought the Remix Ultra Tablet when it first came out on Kickstarter. It looked just like the Surface running their Remix version of Android. I still have it and use it at work occasionally, but Android as a daily driver? Nope

Unfortunatley I have to use Winblows for work in the office. I have found creative ways to use Linux to get my work done!

I used to dislike the Gnome DE, but recently I am really enjoying it running on Antergos. Once you get the workflow and theme right, you really start to appreciate it.

@distrotube Love the channel. The content is great. Keep up the good work!

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