One Transaction Now Uses as Much as Your House in a Week

" is inefficient tech by design, as we create by building a system based on distrust. If you only trust yourself and a set of rules (the software), then you have to validate everything that happens against these rules yourself"

"People Who Smoke Pot Have More Sex, Study Says"

For both men and women, those who used marijuana on a daily basis had about 20% more sex than those who said they never used the drug.

WATCH: "As a public and as citizens, we no longer know if we're seeing the same information, and without a common base of information, little by little, public debate is becoming impossible" @zeynep

Is it "Deliberately manipulating search results to eliminate references to a story that doesn’t like" ?

How to survive the summer on the internet? ~

" has become a euphemism for a transaction between you and a company: You agree to provide your real identity to a company in exchange for a set of services that make the internet more useful.

The patterns of news consumption we’ve adopted—mostly reading in silence, engaged in monogamous relationships with our devices—pull us away from the people we’re actually with, and leave us more atomized and vulnerable"


As with many social changes, from transportation to food delivery to dating, Silicon Valley has blazed a trail with microdosing. It may yet influence the way that America, and eventually the West, view #psychedelic substances.

Surprising turn:
#Psychedelics may no longer hold the reputation of making people drop out.

#Decolonising Syria's so-called '#queer liberation' ~ by @redrazan

"To suggest that 'gender & sexual revolutions' are being accomplished by joining an authoritarian party participating in the imperial '#waronterror'..
not only an erasure of other struggles, but also a #colonial rewriting of what the #struggle is in #Syria."

How to protect democracy from dark databases, billionaires and authoritarians who use them?
~citizens need to put pressure on Googles, Facebooks, to behave in the interests of the democracies that enabled their unrivaled success
~those concerned about these issues should seek alliances across political lines to advance reforms.
~we must take drastic actions to equalize the value of one vote

, again:
"How a motivated US billionaire – Mercer and his ideologue, Bannon – helped to bring about the biggest change to Britain in a century.
came down to “about 600,000 people – just over 1% of registered voters”...a member of the global 1% found a way to influence this crucial 1% of British voters.. 1st step into a brave, new, increasingly undemocratic world"

~Por uma participativa~
As pessoas mais criativas jamais estão reunidas todas em uma só empresa, ou governo, ou organização, ou país. Abrir os processos de construção de políticas públicas na rede, facilitando a colaboração dos interessados, é uma iniciativa quase óbvia neste início de século.

Facebook helped advertisers target teens who feel “worthless”

“Facebook's algorithms can determine, and allow advertisers to pinpoint, ‘moments when young people need a confidence boost.’”

Can estimate when teens feel “worthless,” “insecure,” “defeated,” “anxious,” “silly,” “useless,” “stupid,” “overwhelmed,” “stressed,” and “a failure.”



#Brazil Paralyzed by Nationwide Strike, Driven by a Familiar Global Dynamic of Elite Corruption and Impunity
"The same politicians implicated in criminal enterprise continue to reign in Brasília, as they enjoy immunity from the law. Worse, they continue to exempt themselves from the austerity they impose on everyone else"

Another #Mastodon is causing a scientific impact.
"Based on several lines of evidence.. the team think that early humans used rocks to hammer their way into the mastodon’s bones. As the team also claims that the bones are 130,000 yrs old, that would push back the earliest archaeological evidence for humans in North America by a WHOPPING 115,000 yrs.

“The intangible company”
Enrique Dans reports on the fully distributed governance model ~ DAO "the decentralized and autonomous organizations, which some people say are the companies of the future: a structure lacking physical address, no employees and no managers, just a series of contracts with external professionals whose activity is controlled and registered through blockchain"

The Rise and Rise of #Mastodon, by the creator himself ~ “April post-mortem” — 
"France really likes free software and decentralization, as it turns out! Think explosion of users from 20,000 to 42,000 in the span of two days.
#Mastodon network includes more than 486,767 users, 1,212 instances. But it’s not just that. A lot more people have become interested in Free and Open Software and decentralization.

"The other thing reinforced for me by this resurgence of OStatus-based conversation is my conviction that standards are documentation, not legislation. We have been working in the w3c Social Web Working Group to clarify and document newer, simpler protocols, but rough consensus and running code does define the worlds we see."

The secret is mastering the hyperlocal: "The #Mastodon that will survive — and thrive — will need to be an amalgam of social networks, online virtual communities, message boards, and reddit.. The most successful instances will be facilitated by real people— gardeners, if you will—who will tend to the garden and make sure everyone/ everything blooms."

#Civilization101: Taxes are not theft, they are the price you pay for access to the economy & public resources of your country.

A nice conversation on what's under #Mastodon's hood:
Indieweb, Mastodon, and GNU Social beginning at about 1:18:00 into the show~ click below to listen:

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