Exploring replacing pulseaudio with pipewire. Let's see how far we get on

@distrowatch Hey there! Not sure why our project is still on the "waiting list" but perhaps it might be an idea to give some attention to us? We are a real distro (not another spinoff project) and recently released a pretty descent beta: github.com/mocaccinoOS/mocacci

Having fun with on Big thanks to upstream for pushing 42.1 to stable branch. Works like a charm!

Getting 42.1 in shape for Bumped into a minor issue and found a ticket upstream . So why not elaborate there and give some feedback there.

Wolfenstein: The New Order Is now free on the Epic Game store. Runs great on using Game launcher!

Nice to see how things from our upstream roll down into
This change is detected and requires me to review and commit it to the layer I am building. github.com/mocaccinoOS/desktop

@distrotube Did you give our recent beta release a shot yet? I know it is far from what you expect from a full Linux distro (I am not talking about spin offs here) But would be great to get some feedback from you or people who watch your youtube chan.
Feedback can be provided here

Just packaged cool term. How cool is that? 😎
Just wondering what to package next. Any ideas?

Who wants to help us test and make this new distribution based on better?
Give our latest beta images a spin and let us know what you think.

Running those (free?!) games you collected in epic games store is now super easy. Once you have steam installed and obviously enabled "Steam Play" from the settings so you get Proton on your system, grab the here github.com/Heroic-Games-Launch Make it executable and launch it. From there you can login to your epic games account and simply install the games you own. (It will detect Proton automatically). Super simple and works like a charm!

One of the many available desktop environments in is . Looks gorgeous and is so easy to install.

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