🇺🇸 PSA, COVID-19 

Seemed like an easy enough process. I’m not sure what was so inconceivable about this idea to Psaki back in December.

It is pretty absurd they’ll only hand out 4 total, the same stingy approach as the stimulus checks, but… better than nothing? maybe? 🙃

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🇺🇸 PSA, COVID-19 

Remember to order from covidtests.gov today, completely free! 🙂

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Oh man these last 3 Big Sur icon holdouts annoy the hell out of me lol

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Unofficial announcement, but we are now contributing to the following:

- @torproject
- @eff
- Calyx Institute
- @privacyguides
- Wireguard
- @fdroidorg
- 1% for the Planet

More details to come on our site & a video in the coming weeks.💚

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I tried to search for "fediverse" on LinkedIn and, surprise surprise, I didn't find many promising results.

Are there any companies, startups, or enterprises working to further the somehow? I'm sort of looking for a new employer and would like working for someone who aligns with my personal goals.

Thoughts or leads?

Finally back on Mastodon 😅 Check out these and content creators:

👉 @privacyguides
👉 @techlore


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You can now give us a follow on #Mastodon! 🐘
At the very least, we'll be cross-posting all Tweets going forward. Check it out: mastodon.social/@privacyguides

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techlore.tech/ now in #fediverse

- Weekly #surveillance #podcast with @thenewoil about data breaches and #privacy / #tech news
- tools like #plexus (Android app compatibility on de-Googled devices)
- interesting videos and articles

Definitely worth a follow


#degoogle #gafam

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We're now on Mastadon, all tweets will be crossposted 🙌

Follow us now: mastodon.social/@techlore

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