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I've added some "Community Copies" of Glittermitten Grove to our page on If you are experiencing financial hardship of any kind you can grab one for free, no questions asked.

Battery 0: design capacity 7368 mAh, last full capacity 3774 mAh = 51%

Well, that explains why my laptop's battery is always dying so quickly 😩

Covid self-quarantine reminder 

Friendly reminder that lots of fruit and vegetables can be frozen chopped in a ziplock bag. You don't have to survive only on canned food and rice/pasta.

And a bunch of fruits that don't survive freezing well normally, do freeze fine if you put them inside syrup (homemade syrup, from water and sugar). It'll have vitamins, and a hell of a lot of calories!

Shit, I was sent to work from home, but I forgot my plant at the office. It's a succulent, so it's sturdy, but I suspect it might be dried up by the time I can go back to the office 😞

Covid stress 

Fuck, they're declaring state of emergency in Spain 1 day before my family (wife, kid and baby) comes back to Sweden with me. No idea if they'll be allowed to come back.

Fuck fuck fuck

Hardware Acceleration is approximately 9.8 m/s² and is achieved by tossing your computer out the fucking window

@matthewseiji oh crap, I missed this. People are actually developing Eliza-like chatbots and offering them as therapy.

The whole thing sounds like straight out of your game 😕😕😕

Either my GPU is dead, or DOOM has become even more demonic

hi everyone please look at this real website for a seattle pizza place we ordered from last night

cw *lots* of animated gifs

Have you ever wondered what having a particle system in your text editor would be like?

Well, let me present you what I've been working on these last days...

me: i wanna install lineageos on my phone


"Hello, yes, can you send help? I think I just turned my cursor into a railgun"

I'm contributing to this GPU-accelerated Vim GUI, and I'm laughing my ass off because I added small cursor animations when you change mode (normal, insert, etc), and now my cursor looks like a fucking rocket, leaving sonic booms behind it 😄

After three years of being a dad, I can only say The Oatmeal absolutely nailed this one

Actual conversation

Wife: are you an instrument of Satan?
Kid: YES!
Wife: well that explains some things...

This 99% Invisible fails to answer the question of who wrote "Who Let The Dogs Out," but it does answer whether the chorus is "who let the dogs out" followed by barking, or followed by ever more desperate inquiries of "who??" and that's all I really wanted

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