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@cypnk only thing I can think of is, they want Europa, asteroids etc... but they're worried we might start sending them nukes if they steal our stuff. So they go "fuck it, we'll just clean the entire system first just in case, and then start mining"

@jplebreton yeah, felt the same thing when I ditched my last 4:3 monitor, and it stills feels a bit wrong... but I guess I got mostly used to it

@jplebreton my trick is that I only use mouse-centric programs in full screen, so the only operation I need to do on those apps is switching to an entirely different workspace, which I do with Win+number (and the numbers are usually <5, so I can do it just with the left hand)

When I go nuts with the tiling it's usually because I have 4 terminals and 2 instances of Vim... And at that point I'm keyboard-only anyway.

Definitely not a 100% generic one-hand workflow, though

@jplebreton I use a TWM (sway), and combine keyboard and mouse all the time 🤔

Right hand uses the mouse, left hand does things like the workspace switching with win+[123...]

Works fine? 🤷🏻‍♂️

@txusinho git has a setting to "download as Unix, upload as whatever the he'll the file was". No idea what it's called, though

@mogwai_poet that's one of the reasons I love Die Hard. The building itself is a crucial part of the movie.

Years ago I found a Counter Strike map that had modelled the top floors of the building, and it just _made sense_, because it was a real building, and it was shot as such.

Latest Star Wars movie, no spoilers 

A fun essay about finding weird executables on the internet, exploring them and making them your own.

As a programmer it's been really hard to wean myself off of thinking in terms of global solutions. This, in comparison to building local or community technology.

Thinking this way can make things harder (now your tech needs need to scale to the world) and not useful (different people in different places have different needs).

This kind of blew my mind: like, you can just go and build a piece of tech and only give it to your friends & the immediate people it's helpful for. You don't *need* to design for The World. I think this kind of thinking is really important for breaking away from capitalistic modes of thinking.

All right little ones gather round

I'm gonna tell you a festive story about someone who was misunderstood and hated

He has a red nose

And little antlers

And his name is Darth Maul

twitter decentralization, in the news 

Sweden has this reputation for tall, blonde, and beautiful people. But at least in Stockholm, there's an amazing mix, from all the immigrants that have been coming here in the last 50 years.

And, unlike some other countries where immigrants try to stay isolated in their own communities, here you get marriages between all groups.

And so you get these incredible people of Swedish-Eritrean-Thai ascent, with black skin, blue eyes and Thai factions, and you just want to die from all the cuteness

2000s hackers: My dream is to connect all of my devices to the internet.
2020s hackers: My dream is to disconnect all of my devices from the internet.

The Swedish winter is cold, dark and hard, but at least it's fucking beautiful.

Latest woodworking WIP: a... stand (???) to put my notebook on so that I can slide it over the keyboard to write, without having to move the keyboard out of the way ☺️

Still have to decide on what finishing to use, but I'm liking how it's turning out!

Ever wanted to know the principles behind how lasers work?

This video is great (and as a bonus it includes explanations for incandescence and fluorescence)

uspol, drugs, alcohol, suicide 

If you suffered in life and want other people to suffer as you did because "you turned out fine", you did not in fact turn out fine.

Just realized I have a single cupboard at home where I store all dangerous liquids. Right now it has a bunch of 1 liter bottles of: acetone, turpentine, ethanol, boiled linseed oil, and lacquer paint thinner. I don't think the home insurance company would be very happy if they found out about it 😅

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