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Costume victory: One daughter is the Lunar Lander, one an astronaut. This makes me giddy. I hope their candy sample return containers overflow.

I'm using a magnifying glass to carve these numbers for a thing for the kid, and every 15 minutes I go "God someone please tune down the chromatic aberration, it's way too unrealistic!"

Being a graphics programmer has ruined my life

@estebanm Ok, he cambiado el sistema que saca screenshots para que use Firefox en lugar de Chromium. Results que Chromium tiene un bug que en algunos casos hace que se cuelgue el browser completamente, y nunca llega a sacar el screenshot 🤦‍♂️
Ahora deberia funcionar

Wife is telling the kid the same story for the 536263th time, and to avoid losing her mind, instead of talking about "Extraterrestrials" she's changed the story so they are "Extra T-Rex-trials" instead

@estebanm hey, estoy volviendo a trabajar un poco en, y he visto que has seguido usándolo. Pensaba hacerlo más robusto (el sistema de screenshots a veces no va) y limpiar un poco algunas partes del interfaz.

Alguna sugerencia de cosas que te gustaría cambiar? Gracias!

How much space will be freed up once Britain leaves the EU? 

Hummm... So this Swedish hotel chain ad prominently features a seemingly trans woman with the text "Come as you are. We have room for everyone"

Ok, here we go, Github repo for collaborating on this awesome 90's-era phone theme:
Contributions more than welcome, everyone!

spent the better part of the day theming my phone's home screen...

What I'm reading here is that every time I go into Safeway I might see a tiny horse wearing a tiny horse vest

I can't believe nobody wants to own the domain. Seriously

OMG I've been living for 3 years with a horrible hissing sound when using headphones on my laptop (only happens on Linux, but I removed Windows a while ago).

Today I randomly increased the "Headphone mic boost" value in alsamixer because I pressed the wrong key, and the hissing is gone, while the main volume dropped by like 50% (but I can compensate for that by increasing the volume).

Why would the mic boost make hissing disappear when the mic is disabled? Or affect the main volume, for that matter?????

Attention: The domain name is available

I repeat, is available!

Also, tried running a live Linux distro on the Windows machines, and the network works fine under Linux on those computers too. The culprit is windows, clearly

Ok, I need ideas here.

My home network works fine for Android and Linux devices, but it has stopped working for Windows ones, both via WiFi and ethernet. They can see things inside the network, ping the gateway successfully, etc, but they just can't reach outside the network.

Anyone has any idea of what could cause that?

"It is difficult to move forward when your kid's favorite toy is the stroller's brake pedal" – Sun Tzu

Clothing company: "we're the most hipster-worthy, natural, ecological, super magnificent company ever"

Same clothing company: "our base is in the same country you're in, but instead of producing locally, we'd rather make the clothes in China and ship them to the other side of the planet"


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