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Just finished implementing a "download all your data as a zip file" feature for

So now you can get all your data out whenever you want :)

Every regular tech news website: "capitalist techno-hellhole dystopia FTW!"

Solarpunk news websites: "we've fucked up the planet really badly... but we can get through this. Let's fix this!"

:blobcheer: thanks to (already pinned tab!) I DON'T HAVE TO LIKE EVERY POST I JUST WANT TO READ LATER

help @jon_valdes to develop this tool testing and reporting bugs and suggesting features or improvements

#readlater #recense

5 days ago I hit the "Publish" button on a technical blog post showing technology we've been working on, after spending lots of time recording, assembling and tweaking videos for it. We expected a few hundred views. Tops.

Instead, it started spreading and the main video now has more than half a million views.

That number is still bounding around my head, and I find it quite scary to be honest. Half a million. Holy crap


If you feel like watching some fun and technically impressive speedrun action, this run of Mario Odyssey from the last AGDQ is amazing, and an incredible roller-coaster

Highly recommended!

Ok, I just implemented preliminary support in Recense for storing a local copy of the links you add, as well as storing a thumbnail 🕺

I'm having trouble grasping the fact that more than **350 thousand people** have now seen a video I've done. So instead of facing that, I'll be watching a Super Mario Odyssey speedrun from the last AGDQ 🙈

Ok, here we go!

Announcing Recense, a bookmarking service to save all your precious links (or whatever else you want to put into it):

It's still a bit rough around the edges (hey, I'm no web designer), but the basic functionality is there, and I've been using it for a while.

Also, I just open sourced it:

And the main video now has over ONE HUNDRED FRIKKIN THOUSAND VIEWS

Holy crap, a video and blog post I helped put together just made it to the BBC News website 😐

For the last few weeks I've been building a bookmarking website (kinda like Pinboard, but without any social aspect to it) and while it's still unfinished, it's more or less functional now.

So if anyone is willing to be a guinea pig, please tell me and I'll send you the login page so you can try it out :)

I have started building a bunk bed for our kid and his future sibling. My left hand now has 7 new small injuries. 🤦🏻‍♂️Hopefully I'll finish it before I lose an arm, a leg or a head.

That side-project I've talked a bit about? It's a link storage service. Basically, a place to store links you don't want to forget about.

And I just implemented Markdown support for their descriptions, so you can actually put whatever you want in there

For a moment there, I was worried my server code might be too slow, as I'm doing things the simplest way possible.

So I added performance reporting to the website, and first try after uploading new version to the server prints: "Rendered in 0.790 ms"

Ok, we're good

I'd like to support people having JS disabled in their browser when visiting the website I'm working on, but it's starting to become a real limitation.

How do people support this usecase on websites that are minimally interactive?

Huh, I put my shoes in the washing machine (they really needed it), and they came out with the hole pattern of the washing machine's drum imprinted on the fabric.

I guess I'll be extra fashionable today 🤷🏻‍♂️

Side-project progress speed:
- Implement 3 missing features: 1 hour
- Choose a font for the website: until the heat death of the universe

After 4 years separated, we're finally together. I've missed you, you steampunk beauty

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