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And the main video now has over ONE HUNDRED FRIKKIN THOUSAND VIEWS

Holy crap, a video and blog post I helped put together just made it to the BBC News website 😐

For the last few weeks I've been building a bookmarking website (kinda like Pinboard, but without any social aspect to it) and while it's still unfinished, it's more or less functional now.

So if anyone is willing to be a guinea pig, please tell me and I'll send you the login page so you can try it out :)

I have started building a bunk bed for our kid and his future sibling. My left hand now has 7 new small injuries. 🤦🏻‍♂️Hopefully I'll finish it before I lose an arm, a leg or a head.

That side-project I've talked a bit about? It's a link storage service. Basically, a place to store links you don't want to forget about.

And I just implemented Markdown support for their descriptions, so you can actually put whatever you want in there

For a moment there, I was worried my server code might be too slow, as I'm doing things the simplest way possible.

So I added performance reporting to the website, and first try after uploading new version to the server prints: "Rendered in 0.790 ms"

Ok, we're good

I'd like to support people having JS disabled in their browser when visiting the website I'm working on, but it's starting to become a real limitation.

How do people support this usecase on websites that are minimally interactive?

Huh, I put my shoes in the washing machine (they really needed it), and they came out with the hole pattern of the washing machine's drum imprinted on the fabric.

I guess I'll be extra fashionable today 🤷🏻‍♂️

Side-project progress speed:
- Implement 3 missing features: 1 hour
- Choose a font for the website: until the heat death of the universe

After 4 years separated, we're finally together. I've missed you, you steampunk beauty

Saga continues. Seagull nesting in terrace means ice cream is also canceled now

Conversation in the company chat. Seagulls are nesting in our terrace. Terrace is canceled

Currently in that beautiful phase where the side-project's to-do list grows three times quicker than I can finish things.

Maybe "beautiful" wasn't the word I was looking for. "Terrifying" might fit better

I just learned the domains and are free and ~20$ a year. That's a bargain, if you ask me

I just realized the side project I've been working on for the last couple weeks is almost ready to be used. And that's a pretty big deal, because I _never_ finish side projects.

Will this be the first one?

Will I become a new person that actually finishes things?

Oh, the intrigue!

🎵 async await, async await,
async await, async await,
async await, async await,
async await, async await,
in the future, the query future,
the client sleeps toniiight 🎵

At work we have a big TV in the kitchen that's supposed to show dashboards and relevant info. Someone had a better idea:

Homework for today. Remember that:

- bunk, cunk, dunk, funk, gunk, hunk, junk, lunk, nunk, punk, sunk and tunk are all actual English words

- kunk, munk, qunk, runk, vunk, wunk, xunk, yunk and zunk are not English words, but they're all in the Urban Dictionary

That will be all

Reading the chrono rust library documentation:

"[...] Note that this does reduce the number of years that can be represented from ~584 Billion to ~584 Million. (If this is a problem, please file an issue to let me know what domain needs millisecond precision over billions of years, I'm curious.)"


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