@gbrnt the temperature you'll have in Tenerife in February can only be achieved in Stockholm during a 2-week window in July. And Sweden in summer is gorgeous. But the winter...

"Hello, yes, can you send help? I think I just turned my cursor into a railgun"


c++ source code 

Men ni alla pratar, absolut
"unna ssservvässsa ppor favvåår!!"

I'm contributing to this GPU-accelerated Vim GUI, and I'm laughing my ass off because I added small cursor animations when you change mode (normal, insert, etc), and now my cursor looks like a fucking rocket, leaving sonic booms behind it 😄

Sneaking rust code at work without anyone knowing still counts as getting paid for it, right? 😅


Yo parecido. Viviendo fuera reconozco y agradezco la cultura que tengo en común con otros españoles, pero me siento español en cuanto al habla y la cultura, y no en cuanto al país en sí.

Y la bandera española en concreto... Es difícil crecer en País Vasco y tenerle aprecio a esa bandera, sinceramente. Por mucho que los nacionalismos me la traigan al pairo y no me sienta ni español ni vasco...

@Chaos_99 the hair part is the only thing in there that doesn't match. Everything else is __spot on__

After three years of being a dad, I can only say The Oatmeal absolutely nailed this one

Actual conversation

Wife: are you an instrument of Satan?
Kid: YES!
Wife: well that explains some things...

I absolutely love this kind of hacking.
Just by looking at the pictures they say:
"I refuse to bow to the will of corporations and use generic hardware designed for the lowest common denominator. Instead, I will build my own stuff. It will be hard, it will take long, but it'll be exactly what I want. And it'll be fucking glorious"

❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️x 100000000

@xiroux @wasamasa

Yep, I started modifying the dactyl source to fit my hands... Then I realized I don't have nearly enough free time to finish it 😔

Have you seen the dactyl? A keyboard designed in clojure is the geekiest thing I can think of

We have long long int.
Why don't we have short short int?
I love short shorts

Holy crap this podcast was awesome. It made my morning. Thanks a lot for posting it

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