Dev at a AAA company here. I agree with the sentiment, but caveats:

My experience is from EA, and mostly DICE, which doesn't do the "grow, fire 90%, repeat" cycle.

First, every regular employee gets a bonus once a year that depends on how well the studio did that year. If a studio releases a game and it does very well, devs do actually get a nice bonus. I've seen good and bad years at DICE, and the diff is big.

Second, entire studios can get shut down if they underperform 😕

This!! A presentation should be _engaging_, and grab people's attention. But that can be done many different ways.

A slow, spooky fireside story can be engaging.
A hushed/giggly story can be engaging.
A nerdy person excitedly infodumping on their most niche hobby can be engaging.

The important part is trying to improve the things in your delivery that could make your message harder to grasp, and then using all your other attributes as... flavor! ✨✨✨

After a month planning, recording and editing a presentation about something I've worked on for the last 2 years...

I can't unsee how my lower teeth make me look like a vampire in the video 🦇

Jeri Ellsworth, as usual, being so cool that she's off the charts. This woman is amazing

@irimi1 there's a way to change it, yes, in the settings, in the "Customize" section.
As for copying the URL, a workaround is to long-press the URL bar. It shows the "copy/paste" menu then

@irimi1 I like it just because it has the option to have the UI at the bottom. That alone makes it better for me! 😄

@lifning @ticky
I was going to say the same thing. Pidgin was awesome at this😭

Wait, Pidgin is still alive and has tons of plugins 😮

Anyone tried it in the last 10 years?

@irimi1 Hah, nice!

For french stuff, I tend to listen to a lot of synthwave and similar stuff, so:
Carpenter Brut
also, Daft Punk, of course :)

I'm surprised you listen to electronic music and France doesn't show up as pure black in that diagram! :P

More seriously, though, what kinds of electronic music are you looking for? Spain is not exactly a powerhouse of electronic stuff, but I might know some you could like

you either die a developer or live long enough to become the maintainer

And the talk is now announced!


They tell me the video should be made available shortly after the conference, so I'll post it here too :)

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Doing a presentation in PowerPoint. Finally gave up trying to do nice animations, and whipped up a small Rust program from scratch to do them. Outputs pngs, which I then compose into a video using Blender. Muuuuch better :)

Wait, have there been any DCU movies people consider good?

Wonder Woman was the only one that got close to that for me, and that was definitely not Snyder...

Very much this. Never sure whether it's because I'm weird, because of the language barrier, or it's just the swedes are weird in general. So much weirdness

I've spent the last two weeks at work preparing (and recording) a presentation on the tech I've been working on for the last year.

I think this thing is gonna blow people's minds (it certainly blows mine!), and I can't wait for the presentation to be shown in public.

Only 4 weeks to go!

The PineTime might be capable of filling at least parts of that void, I think?

oh my god check this out

this just might be the coolest thing i have seen in my entire life


About 25 years ago, my city created an ordinance that fines people for driving bikes without a silencer (pretty common with scooters up till then, as you gain some efficiency by removing it).

The difference it made in just a month was **amazing**. Suddenly, streets were muuuch quieter and nice to walk around in. I really wish they banned loud bikes and cars everywhere. Fuck Maseratis and Harleys.

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