@zoe that AGDQ run from a couple years ago with the 3 bajillion pausas is just pure art

I love this.

Also, I gotta say it's just not the same since they found a way not to use PAUSA 400 times in a row.

2000s hackers: My dream is to connect all of my devices to the internet.
2020s hackers: My dream is to disconnect all of my devices from the internet.

warm take, food 

@mogwai_poet I think you get bonus points, for slowing everyone else down by convincing them to add secrets for your game in theirs!

@federicomena from what I've read, waterstones are artificial, and a lot more abrasive than natural stone. If your wheel is old, it's probably natural, so... pain! 😅

@federicomena Humm I sharpen with wetstones, and it doesn't feel like a very tiresome thing. The rough one removes material veeery quickly. Is your stone very fine, maybe?

I did spend 30 minutes flattening a hand plane with 800 grit sandpaper last week, though, and I was sore for 3 days afterwards 😅

question about handling my own gender presentation 

question about handling my own gender presentation 

The Swedish winter is cold, dark and hard, but at least it's fucking beautiful.

@evilscientistca tonight we got the first big snowfall of the year in Stockholm. And as always, I came here to complain about the cold and I saw a toot from you showing me I should shut up and be thankful it's not 20 degrees less 🤦🏻‍♂️

Latest woodworking WIP: a... stand (???) to put my notebook on so that I can slide it over the keyboard to write, without having to move the keyboard out of the way ☺️

Still have to decide on what finishing to use, but I'm liking how it's turning out!

@shivoa I expect the rendering itself will be standard srgb, and then they'll convert the video output to whatever the video codec uses, which is probably YUV with a bunch of crap to make it fast (like chroma downsampling, etc)

kinda gross description 

@mogwai_poet first episode I've listened to, and thoroughly enjoyed it! It was nice putting a voice to you and @jplebreton
Will continue listening to the next ones 🙂

Ever wanted to know the principles behind how lasers work?

This video is great (and as a bonus it includes explanations for incandescence and fluorescence)

@lifning I think the social network the Wikipedia dude is doing does have something like topics for posts. That's the only thing I like about it, though...

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