Dirk, Burt, Kurt, Chuck... I'm not sure the random noise thing is something new

Remember it is now technically viable to implement a path tracer in-engine (thanks to RTX), and have it render for several hours per frame. All those weasel words like "captured in engine" are (even more) meaningless now.

I'm figuring out how I'll pay rent next month, so I'll gladly sell art for a reasonable price! Help me pay the bills and I'll help you put art on your walls! Here are a few more from the last few months.

Bonus points for making players track mobile pirate radio stations by using doppler to literally echolocate them around the city

When using a chisel to remove wood, you sometimes get these beautiful feather-like shapes, and I absolutely love them ☺️

Delighted that Mick Gordon decided to put some doom metal tracks into the DOOM Eternal soundtrack. It's just so fitting 😄

Example (first minute): youtube.com/watch?v=b6K1tVbhHM

@estebanm El problema parece ser uno de perfiles. Firefox tiene un perfil para cada usuario por defecto, pero puede tener más. Y al correr con nginx como su usuario, parece que no tiene mucha idea de qué perfil usar. Ahora mismo estoy intentando crear un perfil antes de lanzar el screenshot, pero está fallando por algún motivo.
Si quieres probar a montar un nginx en local y hacer correr recen.se dentro de él...🤷‍♂️

Vale, no, no va. Toca investigar más. Lo que no sé es cómo puedes ayudarme, porque en local funciona todo 😓

@estebanm lo he apagado ahora para hacer un backup, y voy a intentar actualizar todo el OS. El problema ahora mismo es que Firefox no hace lo que su documentación dice que hace. Le paso los mismos parámetros que en mi portátil, pero en el VM de recen.se no funciona. Intento la actualización, y si no va, habrá que investigar más

Self-quarantined for a week alone, with my family stuck in another country... So I'm building a workbench, as one does. Pictured: the first two legs, the bench top on the left, and the big pile of wood chips that I've produced so far

Toilet hygiene 

Wow! No hay riesgo de que se doblen las tablitas ahora que las has sacado del bloque grande donde estaban?

Things to do while quarantined: 

"I want to make sure this value is at maximum 16384. So I have to do min(value, 16384)"

I ALWAYS get this wrong. I absolutely always write max instead of min, and fuck up. Just like I just did.

Hello I'm a professional programmer and I've been programming for >20 years. Please kill me

Covid-19, monarquía española 

Five minutes ago, my whole neighborhood went out to their terraces or to their windows and started applauding, to thank the health workers the great job they're doing. I'm almost crying.

I've added some "Community Copies" of Glittermitten Grove to our page on itch.io. If you are experiencing financial hardship of any kind you can grab one for free, no questions asked.


Covid-19, monarquía española 

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