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My god these overly optimistic young people have been trying to unpark for 20 minutes now and it's the most entertaining thing ever

I received a message from Google saying that I was running out of space in the old GMail account I've been using since 2004 (15 years, holy crap!), and I couldn't believe I had enough emails to fill 15GB.

So I downloaded all of it from Google, imported it in Thunderbird, and... wow. 😐

Found this in the office. It seems like someone wasn't having a good day... 😅

Decided to stop relying on my crappy devices to store all my photos, and upload everything to a (hopefully safer) cloud service.

Just finished uploading everything... and it's gonna take a while to sort and review them all 😐😐😐

Internal chat at work. Techies keeping priorities straight 👌🏻

Recently excavated fossil of an evolutionary dead end, a distant relative of the modern smartphone.

(My mom used this thing every single day for at least 5 years when I was a small kid)

Found a few of my grandpa's textbooks from when he was a kid.

It's amazing how they've changed since then, to become bigger and flashier to justify higher prices and drive sales.

Pictured, one of my "modern" textbooks (from around year 2000), next to 2 of my grandpa's old textbooks (year ~1935)

Ah, GCC bug 323 was just updated again.

It's an 18 year old floating point bug that has never been fixed, and which the GCC people claim is not really a bug.

But it's the only compiler that does it, and lots of people are tripped by it (including myself, about 10 years ago). So many people, in fact, that _94_ bug reports so far have been marked as duplicates of this one.

someone who is good at the economy please help me budget this. my phone is dying.

Current state: playing with the kid on an old telephone switching board my family rescued three decades ago

I think this is the nicest thing someone has said to me in a long time

Meanwhile in Sweden, in a public museum, every single bathroom has this sign:

There's two things Sweden absolutely wins at.

First is yoghurt.
Second is beautiful sunrises.

(A completely unremarkable place, and yet the sky makes it gorgeous)

My god, I'm watching traditional Japanese woodworking videos (Edo sashimono), and laughing my ass off.

You'd expect them to work very carefully on each cut, right? Well, apparently they just karate chop the fuck out of that wood to do things faster! 😄

– So, is VS still crashing regularly for you?
– No, that hasn't happened in a while now
– Ah, good
– Now the entire computer freezes instead

There's a namespace called "EA::jobs". Callstacks that contain anything from it look great when people post them to Slack

While attempting to fall aseep yesterday, I semi-dreamed of a shelf I could put on top of my keyboard so I could use my notebook and keyboard at the same time. I wondered whether I was crazy for wanting that, but turns out, it is actually a thing!

I think I'm gonna try building a wooden one

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