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Opinion: antiviruses are worse than the viruses they're trying to catch

A guy I know is training a neural network with executive emails. The output is rapidly becoming indistinguishable from actual exec communications

A nice thing about Sweden compared to Spain is sunsets and sunrises last a lot longer, and no idea why, but they're absolutely beautiful!

My god, photogrammetry is incredible.

You slap a texture in, and it looks like the most realistic thing ever, even though you didn't do shit.

Aaaand shadows! And textures! And metals! And proper gamma correction!

Keep on tracing!
Now balls have Frostbite-style BSDF with different albedos

Yay, graphics bugs!

Ok, I'll stop posting screenshots until I have something truly interesting...

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Bring out the champagne!
The raytracer traces rays!

(And I was only 10 minutes in the "oh god why is it all black now" state)

I started writing a toy raytracer, and the first image it produced was not black!

I mean, it was supposed to be a sphere in the middle of the screen instead of whatever this is, but hey, it draw *something* on the very first try!

Does this mean I'm a senior engineer now?

This morning I came accross this, and it's THE CUTEST THING EVER

Also, yes, I've played for 26 minutes and died 76 times. This is gonna be interesting...

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Spent waaay too much time doing this. But hey, now I have a nice, sturdy joint! (Or so I hope...)

OK, I need someone that knows about Chinese culture, because this is pretty weird.

Every time we're around Chinese tourists, they are amazed by our kid's eyes and start taking pictures of him as if he was an attraction or something. See attached picture I just took.

This happened first when he was ~6 months old (he's 22 months old now), and it's happened at least 5 times already.

Is this a normal thing in China? Because it feels pretty darn weird here...

Woodworking, arduino 

Originally I thought of only making mechanical contraptions for the kid (I want him to learn to interact with the real world before he discovers phones and tablets...)

But the kid loves things that go beep and boop... so I guess I'm gonna have to bring out the big guns!

Plan is to make lots of mechanical elements (buttons, switches, levers, etc), but add some sound and lights when he interacts with them.

Woodworking, kid's toy 

Woodworking project update! My wife added her sewing expertise, and the toy trolley is done! Now it's our kid's turn to destroy it...

Politics, Europe, Spain, Sweden 

You know how Opel is called Vauxhall in the UK, but they're exactly the same cars? Well I just realized the same thing happens with political parties in Europe.

In Spain you have PSOE, in Sweden Socialdemokraterna.

In Spain you have Partido Popular, in Sweden Nya Moderaterna.

It's like fucking McDonald's franchises!

As we say in Spain: same dogs, different collars

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