Huh, I put my shoes in the washing machine (they really needed it), and they came out with the hole pattern of the washing machine's drum imprinted on the fabric.

I guess I'll be extra fashionable today 🤷🏻‍♂️

After 4 years separated, we're finally together. I've missed you, you steampunk beauty

Saga continues. Seagull nesting in terrace means ice cream is also canceled now

Conversation in the company chat. Seagulls are nesting in our terrace. Terrace is canceled

At work we have a big TV in the kitchen that's supposed to show dashboards and relevant info. Someone had a better idea:

Just saw this at the beach.

A bored dad is dangerous if not contained

Months ago, someone brought the cassette tape to the office. Today, someone brought a cassette *player* they found in the trash.

We're now programming while listening to I Believe In Miracles by Hot Chocolate on a cassette player hooked up to a TV. I love this

Well, the toothpaste tube decided to burst on one side and now I have a toothpaste "bag" instead. Unsure as to how to proceed. Suggestions?

Hoooo boy! High exec posting about controversial topic on a channel that's read-only for normal employees... but where employees can post emojis.

Bring in the popcorn!

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Holy crap, I'm waiting for a package, and this delivery company allows you to track the GPS position of the delivery guy *in real time*. This is scary, awesome, horrible, dangerous and amazing. All at the same time

My god these overly optimistic young people have been trying to unpark for 20 minutes now and it's the most entertaining thing ever

I received a message from Google saying that I was running out of space in the old GMail account I've been using since 2004 (15 years, holy crap!), and I couldn't believe I had enough emails to fill 15GB.

So I downloaded all of it from Google, imported it in Thunderbird, and... wow. 😐

Found this in the office. It seems like someone wasn't having a good day... 😅

Decided to stop relying on my crappy devices to store all my photos, and upload everything to a (hopefully safer) cloud service.

Just finished uploading everything... and it's gonna take a while to sort and review them all 😐😐😐

Internal chat at work. Techies keeping priorities straight 👌🏻

Recently excavated fossil of an evolutionary dead end, a distant relative of the modern smartphone.

(My mom used this thing every single day for at least 5 years when I was a small kid)

Found a few of my grandpa's textbooks from when he was a kid.

It's amazing how they've changed since then, to become bigger and flashier to justify higher prices and drive sales.

Pictured, one of my "modern" textbooks (from around year 2000), next to 2 of my grandpa's old textbooks (year ~1935)

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