When using a chisel to remove wood, you sometimes get these beautiful feather-like shapes, and I absolutely love them ☺️

Self-quarantined for a week alone, with my family stuck in another country... So I'm building a workbench, as one does. Pictured: the first two legs, the bench top on the left, and the big pile of wood chips that I've produced so far

Either my GPU is dead, or DOOM has become even more demonic

After three years of being a dad, I can only say The Oatmeal absolutely nailed this one

Ever wanted to do SQL injection into a Google product? Apparently the secret word is... "pumice"

Latest trick of pharmaceuticals: exploiting Unix access rights to cure skin rashes in babies.

Just saw one of these in the wild.
AMD is diversifying, I see...

Someone sent this to the CI stability slack channel at work, and I'm dying 😄

It's interesting when even the recruiter admits the company is a piece of shit 🤔

At a museum with the kid. There's a videogames exhibit, a humanoid robots exhibit, a playground... all the kids here are running around having fun.

And yet my kid would rather be here.

I have the suspicion my kid's gonna be an introvert...

Also, I found this beauty in the attic.

An original IBM model M, which I had on our first computer, an IBM 286. It was second hand, and for some obscure reason the whole keyboard was in German... which I guess helped me learn where the punctuation keys were without looking at them!


Going through my old stuff at my parents', and found three seasons of Stargate on CD, at 1 or 2 episodes per disk.

And it'd take ~6 hours to download each episode. 🤦🏻‍♂️

God we have it easy nowadays

The Swedish winter is cold, dark and hard, but at least it's fucking beautiful.

Latest woodworking WIP: a... stand (???) to put my notebook on so that I can slide it over the keyboard to write, without having to move the keyboard out of the way ☺️

Still have to decide on what finishing to use, but I'm liking how it's turning out!

I've been doing this traditional wood finishing paste, which is a mix of boiled linseed oil and beeswax, and put it in a used pesto bottle. Now it looks like a weird bizarro universe sickly pesto, and I kinda like it, tbh

I'm using a magnifying glass to carve these numbers for a thing for the kid, and every 15 minutes I go "God someone please tune down the chromatic aberration, it's way too unrealistic!"

Being a graphics programmer has ruined my life

Hummm... So this Swedish hotel chain ad prominently features a seemingly trans woman with the text "Come as you are. We have room for everyone"

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