The Swedish winter is cold, dark and hard, but at least it's fucking beautiful.

Latest woodworking WIP: a... stand (???) to put my notebook on so that I can slide it over the keyboard to write, without having to move the keyboard out of the way ☺️

Still have to decide on what finishing to use, but I'm liking how it's turning out!

I've been doing this traditional wood finishing paste, which is a mix of boiled linseed oil and beeswax, and put it in a used pesto bottle. Now it looks like a weird bizarro universe sickly pesto, and I kinda like it, tbh

I'm using a magnifying glass to carve these numbers for a thing for the kid, and every 15 minutes I go "God someone please tune down the chromatic aberration, it's way too unrealistic!"

Being a graphics programmer has ruined my life

Hummm... So this Swedish hotel chain ad prominently features a seemingly trans woman with the text "Come as you are. We have room for everyone"

I can't believe nobody wants to own the domain. Seriously

Wow, this website sells work gloves with RPG-stye stats: "Tear resistant 2. Puncture resistant 2"

Currently investigating what enchantment or buff I need for crafting Puncture Resistant 5 gloves...

When will people stop using Windows 10 for anything in public spaces? 🤦🏻‍♂️

Looking at the Monday-Friday tram schedule, I just realized it shows that tram usage here has a bimodal distribution, formed by two gaussian lobes centered at 8:00 and 17:30, and with a much narrower variance for the morning rush

My god the "Woman in lotus position" emoji is a perfect example of the Apple vs Google vs Microsoft design philosophies

Apple: maximum polish and detail
Google: it's functional. It's a woman in the lotus position. Period.
Microsoft: The woman is lacking a lot of detail, and she's not even in the correct pose

Sometimes I think programming hasn't advanced at all since I was 8 and I got my first computer. It's still a bunch of text in a file after all.

But then I remember how that text used to look like and how it looks now and hey, at least I don't want to gouge my eyeballs with a spoon anymore!

Also, qbasic vs rust. We _have_ advanced a bit

So... apparently this is how a teammate who's living in Florida deals with hurricanes.

"A team of Swedish archeologists recently excavated what appears to be an ancient transportation device..."

Hah! And this gave me an idea for generating uniform random values on a circle really fast. This is gonna be useful 😊

Ok, there's still a _bit_ of clustering and I'm not sure where it's coming from, because there shouldn't be any. I'll investigate tomorrow...

Once again I bumped into the NeesonHashMap, which has a... very particular set of skills
(it's very fast at finding things)

I absolutely love the name... And the ascii art 😄

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