You know how in games you get environmental storytelling? Like a "Happy new year 1958" sign in a Bioshock game, so you deduce something bad happened that day?

Today in Spain I saw several shops still decorated with Easter bunnies. In July.

@jon_valdes @rey The local jazz radio station's calendar is still frozen with events from March:

@jon_valdes passed a Starbucks with St. Patrick's Day art on the windows the other day.

@jon_valdes I was cleaning out abandoned dorm rooms about 6 weeks ago and there were notebooks left open to pages regarding upcoming midterms in mid-march 😢

@jon_valdes I was an "essential worker" at a college until recently and every day on my way into work i'd walk down a silent hallway and pass a yellowing stack of the college newspaper. Headlined "Coronavirus Arrives On Campus"

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