Just realized I have a single cupboard at home where I store all dangerous liquids. Right now it has a bunch of 1 liter bottles of: acetone, turpentine, ethanol, boiled linseed oil, and lacquer paint thinner. I don't think the home insurance company would be very happy if they found out about it 😅

@jon_valdes Any hydroflouric acid? It's really good for clearing blocked drains. Well, it dissolves your kitchen away to nothing. But that drain is definitely unblocked.

@gboyd42 isn't that the one in the story that went "a scientist spilled one drop on his hand and they ended up amputating the whole arm"?

@gboyd42 thinking about it now, I was actually in a hardware store looking at a bottle of HCl when I tooted that. I was trying to find an excuse to buy another dangerous chemical 😄

@jon_valdes I don't know about that one, but a worker at a car wash had to get a finger amputated after exposure. I guess mainly to get rid of the necrotic tissue.

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