My god the "Woman in lotus position" emoji is a perfect example of the Apple vs Google vs Microsoft design philosophies

Apple: maximum polish and detail
Google: it's functional. It's a woman in the lotus position. Period.
Microsoft: The woman is lacking a lot of detail, and she's not even in the correct pose

@jon_valdes I just started checking out random examples on emojipedia to see Microsoft's versions and a lot of them are truly terrible. The ferris wheel looks like an archery target. I'd have thought the soccer ball was a bicycle wheel or something, if it wasn't on the same page of the other soccer balls. It's sort of impressive how bad they are.

@jon_valdes Google emoji generally start out looking best-in-class in their carefully considered functional minimalism, then degrade with "upgrades" into a poor imitation of Apple's style.

I'm not sure if I think that's actually appropriate to their history as a company, but it's sure evocative.

@Nentuaby somewhere, there's a designer at Google quitting because their boss told them "the emoji should look better... Like the ones Apple does, you know"

@Nentuaby @jon_valdes Google lost me when they ditched the blobs. :blobpensiveleft:

Thankfully here on Fedi we keep a good thing alive. :blobowo:

@calm what if... What if the Microsoft designers have been forced to draw these emojis in PowerPoint, and that's why they can only use circles and rectangles for all their shapes?

@jon_valdes Yes, the pose is wrong in this case, but I'll go to bat for MS: I don't think the level of detail Apple goes for is necessary, or even helpful, for emoji. I much prefer the "cartoony" pictogram style MS has got going, and I thought they improved on that with their last big update.

Simplicity != lack of care, although, as I said before, in this case there's a bit of both

@T045T I very much suspect the right amount of detail for an icon depends on the dpi of the screen it's going to be seen in.

Considering lots of Windows laptops are still 720p resolution, while every single iPhone has a "retina" display, it doesn't surprise me Apple is pushing a lot more detail into their icons.

But still... Microsoft. Come _on_

@jon_valdes again, I'll concede MS isn't doing great at the "full-body" emoji, but I think clean lines look great (possibly even better) at high dpi.
Sure, that's a matter of taste, but I also think that given the size they're usually displayed at, and the fact they're supposed to convey meaning at a glance, emoji *should* be simple. I don't want to mistake a smirk for a smile because some artist was being subtle.

@jon_valdes btw, pretty sure the W10 emoji have their roots in Windows Phone, which started off pretty low-res (800x480) but eventually supported retina-ish dpi.

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