Overheard conversation at work:
– Hey, we want to do X
– You can't
– Why not?
– It's not supported by the engine
– What do you mean it's not supported, we did that 2 games ago, and it was fine
– Yeah, but we removed it
– Why??
– Because it made everything twice as fast
– Fuck

This is gonna be a fun day 😅

@jon_valdes Is that slowing down an equivalent of planned obsolescence in games&gfx cards industry? Is there a technical reason to remove X which made‑everything‑twice‑as‑fast?

@kmicu removing it made it twice as fast. We're extracting more and more performance from 6 year old consoles, I assure you planned obsolescence is not something we ever do on purpose.

@jon_valdes Ahhh, sorry, misread in a opposite way before my morning coffee 🤦

@jon_valdes In the morning I thought *it* refered to that removed thing and that thing made things twice‑as‑fast but now I see that *it* refers to *act of removing*.

Sorry about the confusion.

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