I think I just figured out a way to create pretty good blue (ish) noise sample locations really quickly. This could lead to either me publishing a paper, or me realizing I'm a total dumbass and my idea is worthless.

Place your bets, ladies, gentlemen, and everyone in between!

Ok, there's still a _bit_ of clustering and I'm not sure where it's coming from, because there shouldn't be any. I'll investigate tomorrow...

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Hah! And this gave me an idea for generating uniform random values on a circle really fast. This is gonna be useful 😊

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@jon_valdes probably referencing your paper in libnoise-java if you're right though. the best-quality alternative for, say, picking tree locations, is a really elaborate Wang Tile method to generate poisson disc points. if I can find a context-free alternative that's really big

@falkreon not sure. This method would distribute a fixed number of points on a 2D region. No idea if that would work for your use case.

@jon_valdes Ah, so there's context, but you still might beat poisson disc noise for computational complexity

@falkreon this thing is fast as hell, but it's not proper blue noise. Hopefully I can approximate the properties of blue noise well enough, but right now you can see either too much regularity or too much clustering.

@jon_valdes yeah, I'm not looking for a mathematically perfect poisson disc. Just something that avoids clustering a little better than a square lattice with random node locations

@falkreon this... might do the trick for you, then. It's also stratified sampling, but with a small twist to avoid clustering. There's a guaranteed minimum distance between points (which is quite smaller than the average distance , unfortunately.... but I might be able to improve on that). And because it's stratified sampling, you can cover the entire plane with points, without any context.

@falkreon Problem right now is I'm trying to balance the clustering against the lattice regularity. Tomorrow I'll try running some statistical tests, see which tweaks look better.

Current state:

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