I'm building this bed for the kid.
It has 16 slats that support the mattress.
Each slat has 2 sides.
Each side has 2 holes.
The slat holes are mirrored on the frame.

16 * 2 * 2 * 2 = 2⁴ * 2³ = 2⁷ = 128

My programmer side is pretty amused by that.

My woodworker side is really tired from having to drill 128 individual holes 😭

@jon_valdes That looks good! What are the joints on the edges called?

@ckeen thanks! I don't think they have a name. The whole construction is a bit weird, as each side coming into the corner is made of 2 offset boards. Here's a few pictures of a couple of joint tests I did, to give you an idea of how the joint works

@ckeen each of the pieces is relatively simple, but the whole joint is 6 pieces of wood locking together, so it does get a bit gnarly 😅

@jon_valdes The option you went with seems the most practical to me too :)
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