Me age 24, a moron: "I don't like that flamenco crap. I like things like metal, with nice guitars, and complex rhythmic and harmonic structures and..."

Me age 34: "Yeah, metal is fine, but I like things with nice guitars, and complex rhythmic and harmonic structures... like flamenco"

I've had this video on loop at work for 2 weeks now:

@jon_valdes I knew that Paco de Lucía was a genius, but that guy with the harmonica?!?!? He's awesome!

@xiroux and the bassist. And the percussionists. Everyone in there is amazing

@jon_valdes Yes! And the dancer! Thanks for sharing this, I did not know about it!

@jon_valdes last ten minutes, Paco de Lucía and Al Di Meola playing together, didn't want it to end

@danipozo it's just awesome, yes. But also, they already played that song together back in 1981! (First song in that album).

Curiously, the older version is a lot faster, but the more recent version has a lot more feeling to it 🙂

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