Our two and a half year old kid loves music. Today he's been watching youtube videos of people playing piano. I love this

@jon_valdes How are you dealing with the thing where related videos spiral off into neo-naziism? I'm gonna have to figure this out soon probably

@mogwai_poet use private browsing mode, disable autoplay, never click on related videos 🤷‍♂️😔

But yes, *never* leave a kid unattended in front of youtube, or you'll quickly regret it. And nazis aren't even the most common problem. There's all sorts of crap trying to rot kids' brains in there. See:

@jon_valdes @mogwai_poet I can talk about that...
A girl that i was in charge loved to watch youtube cartoons.

One day a cartoon of "paw patrol" came, everything seemed normal, until one of the dogs decided to jump from a hotel because the female dog broke his heart.

The girl asked me "is he dead?"
I was shocked, i said to her, "no, of course not", and then i changed the video. Never let children watch youtube alone... never.

@lorabe @mogwai_poet there's a lot of that, and also videos that look entirely harmless until 5 minutes in (presumably when the parents won't be watching anymore) they devolve into trying to convince the kid to buy some specific toy or whatever, with the most manipulative techniques they can think of

@jon_valdes @mogwai_poet Yes, I really hate the original youtube content made for kids, not only because some of them are creepy, it's also because they treat kids like fools or brain-dead, I preferred to see Heidi but the girl didn't like that anime.

Nowadays cartoons are only for small children, but animations like Heidi captivate me as an adult, as do some Ghibli films like Totoro and Chihiro.

@lorabe @mogwai_poet the only thing "for kids" we show our kid is this Spanish animated show called Pocoyo. It has an English dubbing with Stephen Fry, also, which is pretty good.

It's designed for 2-3 year olds, and it's pretty sensible with what the episodes are about and how they're structured. Also, tons of videos on YouTube (and some on Netflix)

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