I just realized the side project I've been working on for the last couple weeks is almost ready to be used. And that's a pretty big deal, because I _never_ finish side projects.

Will this be the first one?

Will I become a new person that actually finishes things?

Oh, the intrigue!

@xiroux It's basically a clone of, minus the social part. A website to store links you want to preserve

@jon_valdes @xiroux just the URLs, or like the way back machine? Also, what language and what storage does it use?

@estebanm @xiroux currently it uses w3m to store an ascii rendering of the link.
Storage is flat files as json (hey, I can move to a real DB if the thing ever goes viral).
Server is in rust, and the web page itself is 99% html rendered on the server, so no JS required. Only using 3 lines of JS for a small cosmetic thing right now

@estebanm @xiroux I also tried to take screenshots of the stored link using Firefox's headless mode, but it didn't work for me, for some reason

@jon_valdes @xiroux Sounds great! Can I boost the two relevant toots about what the project is about?

@jon_valdes @estebanm It sounds really cool! Ping us when there is some code available :3

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