Hey, English question: what's a gender-neutral version of "you guys"? Because I blurted "you people" and that made someone angry at me, thinking I was being dismissive 😕


Thanks everyone for the ideas/discussion. To give a bit more context: it was a whole-team discussion, and I wanted to refer to a subteam, and ask "hey, you guys are the ones maintaining this system, right?". But then I realized I was talking to a lady, and "guys" might be not OK, so I switched to "people". That wasn't a good choice 🤦‍♂️

"you folks" as @ellotheth suggested would work, I guess? But "y'all" would address the whole group instead of the subteam, right?

cc: @Majkatsu @caseyp @acrata

@jon_valdes Not necessarily. If you're talking directly to the team (looking at them or giving off other non-verbal cues), "y'all" sounds to me like you're addressing the team. "Hey, your team is maintaining..." could be another option. @Majkatsu @caseyp @acrata

@ellotheth @Majkatsu @caseyp @acrata

Another detail I forgot to mention: it was a discussion through Slack, so no non-textual cues :(

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