Holy crap, I'm waiting for a package, and this delivery company allows you to track the GPS position of the delivery guy *in real time*. This is scary, awesome, horrible, dangerous and amazing. All at the same time

Oh god, it just arrived. It turns out, that company is an uber-like thing, but for package deliveries. So giving the realtime GPS coordinates of the delivery guy is something UPS would never do, because it's a huge security risk... but these guys are just Uber-like "partners" the company doesn't give a shit about, so they're fine putting *them* at risk. Awesome

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@jon_valdes Many of the rapid delivery firms (eg big pizza brands, Uberised home delivery) where I am (UK) have now switched to offering this. Suspect many of the pizza delivery people are Uberised too. Looked to be less than a minute off real-time so def a security concern.

@shivoa 😞 honestly, I think "uberizing" like this should be made illegal. Either people are your employees or they are not. If they are, they have rights. If they are not, they can't do work for you. It's that simple.

@jon_valdes Absolutely.
A long time ago our local tax office actually spearheaded work on this (that work didn't go far enough) but the focus was tax dodging & the sector was primarily burgeoning IT/tech consultants (so any of us who freelanced had to quickly read up on the law).

@m4iler this is Sweden. The personal information (including address and phone number) of every single person in the country is freely available on the internet 🤷🏻‍♂️

Pretty scary at first, but one gets used to it, I guess.

Just put my name in here and you'll see

@jon_valdes Holy shit, man. I understand some people get used to it, but daaaaamn.

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