Decided to stop relying on my crappy devices to store all my photos, and upload everything to a (hopefully safer) cloud service.

Just finished uploading everything... and it's gonna take a while to sort and review them all 😐😐😐

@zladuric I uploaded all the files to an S3-like service DigitalOcean provides. 5$/month for 250GB of storage. Sounded reasonable.

Plan now is to program some custom gallery software I can put in my server to access, sort and filter them.

@jon_valdes fwiw Hetzner has 500GB for 5€ and cheaper VMs. But DO is also good, I'd say.

@zladuric Honestly, I didn't even check other companies. Got the DO one because I already have a VM there and has given me zero trouble in 3 years 🤷‍♂️


Do you mind telling us which service you went with?

@smays DigitalOcean, custom solution on top of their S3-like storage system.

I'm planning to hire a nextcloud. Still don't know which provider

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