Just so you know, "git -amend" doesn't amend anything.

It gets parsed as: git -a -m 'end'

That is, it commits all modified files with a message that just says "end"

I suffer so you don't have to 🤦‍♂️


Nice anecdote, but when did that (last) cause you trouble? Asking because there is a safeguard in place for 11 years now:

$ git commit -amend
error: did you mean `--amend` (with two dashes ?)

The commit introducing this is: github.com/git/git/commit/3a9f

@danimo I found out because it happened on my laptop 1 minute before I posted that toot. Laptop's Ubuntu 18.4, with whatever git version it is that comes with it 🤷‍♂️


Ha! I just checked, and I had mispelled "amend" as "ammend". The correct spelling does give a warning. The wrong one doesn't

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