And while on topic, I'm trying to not move and barely wear any clothes and still sweating. Everywhere is sauna now.


25 and sweating?
Hot tip:

Hey @xiroux what was the max temperature last summer over there in Granada? 😅😅

@jon_valdes @xiroux Yeah I'm considering moving like, 1000 km north to avoid this. Cold isn't a problem, you can just put on more clothes. Hot is just eternal torture.

Here in Stockholm it's 27°C, sunny and beautiful. For a Spaniard, this is just like home 😅
@neon @xiroux

@jon_valdes @neon @sina IIRC, the official record last summer was 47 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Shit, that's even worse than I thought 😐

Here, honestly, it's a bit too warm. But I'll take that anytime, compared to what we had just 1 month ago

Same neighborhood, one month difference:

@sina @neon

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