Once again, flying to San Francisco to confer about games and their development. If you're around and want to talk, send me a message!

Watching BBC documentary on WWII.
"It's estimated that over 300,000 civilians died during a 6-week orgy of rape and murder, at the hands of the Japanese troops"

Five seconds later: "The worst incident was when they bombed an American ship and killed 50 crewmen"

What. The. Fuck.

The worst incident was 50 Americans killed, and not 300 fucking thousand Chinese??? WAT?

Last time I charged my Nintendo DS was 3 years ago. I just turned it on, and not only it boots, but it reports 100% loaded battery.

What the hell are those batteries made of????

I'm enjoying some of the episodes in Love, Death & Robots, but I'm slightly disappointed that "adult" and "nsfw" apparently just means "as many naked women as the story will allow".

I mean, hetero guy here, I definitely enjoy naked women. But I find it ridiculous that they're fine with showing a fully exposed woman, but as soon as a dick is gonna be on screen they go "hold it right there! That dick ain't gonna ruin this shot!"

Seriously? 🙄

Radical thought: what if hiring decisions were bottom up instead of top down?

What if you said "I want this person as my boss", instead of "I want this person under me"?

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Hoooo boy! High exec posting about controversial topic on a channel that's read-only for normal employees... but where employees can post emojis.

Bring in the popcorn!

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It seems every week I sit next to another >60 year old, reputable-looking Swedish man who's listening to 80's-90's heavy metal at *full volume* on the subway.

Today's old man is pensively doing a Sudoku on a newspaper... while playing Iron Maiden's Run to the Hills so loud that I can hear it over my own headphones 😐

Also, I love that at least some 10 year olds are playing OoT literally 20 years after it was released!

At the embassy trying to fill in some papers, but there's a 10 year old kid here playing Ocarina of Time on his phone at full volume, and I just can't stop myself from whistling along

@devurandom bus factor -1: someone would need to be hit by a bus to resolve the organizational deadlock on the project

Oh god, it just arrived. It turns out, that company is an uber-like thing, but for package deliveries. So giving the realtime GPS coordinates of the delivery guy is something UPS would never do, because it's a huge security risk... but these guys are just Uber-like "partners" the company doesn't give a shit about, so they're fine putting *them* at risk. Awesome

Holy crap, I'm waiting for a package, and this delivery company allows you to track the GPS position of the delivery guy *in real time*. This is scary, awesome, horrible, dangerous and amazing. All at the same time

New hire, fresh out of school: "So why do we have the CI keep testing things that were fine yesterday if we haven't touched that part of the code since then?"

Me: "Ooooh boy do I have stories to share with you. Let me grab a glass of whiskey..."

My god these overly optimistic young people have been trying to unpark for 20 minutes now and it's the most entertaining thing ever

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