me: Hey brain, it's 2:20 am, so we're gonna go to sleep now, ok?

brain: actually, remember when you were 14, and dropped some soda on a girl, and when you were apologizing trying to get her jacket clean she shouted that you were rubbing on her boobs and you wanted to die of embarrassment?

me: FFS...

brain: Yeah, I thought this would be a good moment to bring that up, _twenty_years_later_. Aaaanyway... see ya!

While attempting to fall aseep yesterday, I semi-dreamed of a shelf I could put on top of my keyboard so I could use my notebook and keyboard at the same time. I wondered whether I was crazy for wanting that, but turns out, it is actually a thing!

I think I'm gonna try building a wooden one

My mom tells stories of her youth, where jeans were so hard and strong she had to take a hot bath with the jeans on so they'd mold to her body and wouldn't feel like a cardboard armor.

Where can I get something like that? My jeans are 1 year old and have more holes than fabric.

Holy crap I was watching a random video about the Harry Potter audio design, when suddenly the video cuts to the big Expecto Patronum scene from Azkaban and I immediately get all teary-eyed.
How the hell does this scene do this to me????

Opinion: antiviruses are worse than the viruses they're trying to catch

Highlight of my career: managing not to get fired after sending an email to one of the highest executives in the company which just said "I am extremely disappointed by what you did yesterday. Regards, Jon"

<sits back in sofa, pensively>
"Ah, yes, they were crazy times, last week"

"Humm, what could I add to this yoghurt to make it nicer..."
<opens fridge. Contents: half-eaten tuna can; tomato sauce; beans; butter; eggs; anchovies>
"White yoghurt it is, then!"

Loving a youtube video just because the guy has a strong southern US accent, and every time he says "as well", I hear "as whale".


Actual rendering bug report from a game team: "We get inner ears on fire in there"

It's sometimes difficult to feel proud when working for a big company. But today I am, thinking that more and more women are joining our team, and choosing to stay here.

When I joined 2.5 years ago there were 4 women on a ~80 people team. Now there's 15, and the number keeps growing.

Still a fucking long way to go, but the direction and pace are looking great!

A guy I know is training a neural network with executive emails. The output is rapidly becoming indistinguishable from actual exec communications

My son pretended to be me working. He typed and growled "come on!" at his fake computer.

Another image of the Moon from Saturday night. This time through a 20cm f3.9 reflecting telescope. 0.003s each RGB. #astrophoto

"I'll just check Mastodon one more time before going to bed...
Of wait, a new tiling WM for Wayland, and it has good HiDPI support? I gotta try this!
Downloading source...
Must install dependencies...
Crap, needs a libjson-c version newer than what my Ubuntu has.
Hey, it's October already, shouldn't Ubuntu 18.10 be released already?
Oh yes, it is! Let's upgrade!"

I'm going to bed at 3am today, aren't I? 🤦‍♂️

A nice thing about Sweden compared to Spain is sunsets and sunrises last a lot longer, and no idea why, but they're absolutely beautiful!

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My god, photogrammetry is incredible.

You slap a texture in, and it looks like the most realistic thing ever, even though you didn't do shit.

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