Hey everyone! It's been a while since I've logged on and I do apologize. The podcast is still going and things are going well here.

Due to scheduling conflicts, we're taking a break from an episode this coming week. We'll be back March 1 with the podcast.

I've been up late tonight editing the podcast episode,
Episode Image
Honky Stonk Badonkadonk: The Gamestop Story. It's now up on the Exclusives at joeystotallytech.com/exclusive and will be released to the main feed on Monday at 10PM ET.

$32 Cyberpunk 2077 PC? I mean that's a great deal! Too bad you can't build it unless you get really lucky!


Just finished a great recording with Antonio Guerra about the whole Gamestop stock situation! It will be released on the podcast this coming Monday at 10:00 AM.

Before I go to bed, here's a little more about myself.

I have high functioning autism and mild cerebral palsy. I had a speech impediment when I was younger.

I'm an Eagle Scout and I've recently gotten back into taking Taekwondo to get into better shape again.

I'm a freelance web designer/developer and also working at Target part time.

And yeah, I'm doing a lot. Sometimes it's hard to find time to update those web development skills.

Tell me a little about yourselves! And goodnight, everyone!

The next episode of my podcast will actually be about the Gamestop stocks and what's been happening with them.

I'm gearing up for the recording tomorrow afternoon. Antonio has written this one out and we'll have a discussion too!

It's been crazy seeing regular people affect the stock market, and well some hedge fund managers' lives may have been changed as a result. I can't say I feel bad for the hedge fund managers though. Besides, they knew going into it it's always a risk.

I suppose I could give them the advice rich people always give me: save more, and skip that cup of coffee. Live on beans and rice. I've always gotten that from rich people anyway.

I've been having fun looking at a few Python and Eel tutorials. Also looking at AssemblyScript.

Hello everyone! I'm new to the Technology Mastadon! I'm glad to be here!

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