Zoom: End-to-end encrypted* video conferencing.


* For certain definitions of "end".
((Spoiler: The other end is Zoom's servers))

My @joindin Proposal Working Group: joeferguson.me/joind-in-propo…

If anyone is interested, I'm going to be streaming some more work on container-builder.com tonight over on Twitch, around 10:30pm eastern. Come leave a follow if you want to know when I go live!


(I do game streaming too)

In light of current events and the overwhelming toxicity they tend to churn up, I expect to ignore the majority of Twitter moving forward.

Will still check @-replies and DMs, but ... yeah ... that'll be it.

Official open for opens Wednesday, but you can start submitting talks NOW!


Seems like another big push to mastadon happening on twitter. Will it stick this time?

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