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I'm looking for top tech tooters to follow. Who do y'all recommend?

I’ve been quiet here since first couple of days - this was basically my birdsite pattern too. As I end up coming here for your great content more I’ll end up being loud 💖

But the current features seem desperate to shovel irrelevant shit into everyone’s feeds

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This isn’t to say my twitter feed *shouldn’t be*. I aggressively curated for the voices I needed to hear

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My mastodon feed is at that point for me right now where I actually see posts from people whose lives I care about

Hi there 👋 let’s try this thing.
I’m a London based dev & trainer, focused on helping students build inclusive tech communities on campus. Because every learner needs a peer group to help them ✨sparkle✨.
I currently do that at GitHub, as the student program manager. In the past I’ve had developer relations roles at PayPal & Improbable.
Outside of that, I currently play a lot of DnD, and am also the bronze sponsor of the 💖 emoji.
Nice to meet y’all 🙏

This UI is going to take me a while...I've somehow managed to stay a vanilla twitter dot com user all this time. Multiple feeds 😵

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