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"Because... jobs" has got to stop being our justification for screwing up the environment & trampling over worker's rights.

People have jobs. They still can't feed their children, who are growing up in a toxic environment.

The economy should serve us. We should not serve the economy.

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Actually, I can believe it, but I am appalled.

I can't believe I just read a thread that said Common Sense > Research, written by Product Designers.

I stand by my personal opinion that Cooper is a curmudgeon and I'm sick of the 'old white male curmudgeon genius' trope.

Soon the project from hell will be over and I'll be moving on to greener pastures (a long term, design systems creation project). I hope this cures my career crisis (if not, at least I'll know it's a real personal crisis and not just 'I hate this project')

I do have extra flex dollars, but still. WHY DO I NEED TO PAY TO SEE?!

We use 4k screens at work, and my eyes have never been so fatigued.
Looking up how to get those special lenses for my glasses to help protect against blue light.
Additional $170 . . . on top of the base price for the frames. My insurance only covers $200 every 24 months. But the reason why I need these lenses is work.

I wish my company offered the option to review coworkers because I'd fucking fail the BA on the project I'm on.
Such a needless prick.

I'm in this terrible space in my career where I need to decide.
Do I learn front end dev or do I learn UI design?

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Imo, one of the most damning aspects of capitalism is that it encourages people to have consumptive hobbies over creative ones.

It actively seeks to bar people from doing things like cooking, or writing, or making pottery, or anything else of that nature. Activities in which you are making something

Things like that are made either too expensive (in terms of money, or time, or both) or framed as something not worth wasting time on, because you can't support yourself doing art/writing/etc

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the mii channel music is now stuck in your head

bum ba bum bum ha bum bum bum

UX Designer at a big firm. Big fan of design ethics, tech ethics, accessibility , and organizational tools. You are not your user. The only precise UI is a live UI.

Currently residing in Toronto ON, formerly London, UK and Ottawa, ON before that.

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