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Mein Briefkasten:

.@FideszEP@twitter.com is building a dictatorship, @CSU@twitter.com is letting nazi groups run amok, and now @neademokratia@twitter.com is literally murdering people (nytimes.com/2020/08/14/world/e) The @EPP@twitter.com is the biggest threat to democracy and human rights in Europe.

It's appalling how Juan Carlos II escaping from justice is being framed as an exile. He's a criminal and should face consequences like one.

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"It is racist," German Chancellor Merkel said when asked about the killing of that sparked the nationwide protests in the US.

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In case you missed the beef between the racists and PG tips & Yorkshire Tea

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PSA For ANYONE who might be interested in how to pull down an obelisk* safely from an Egyptologist who never ever in a million years thought this advice might come in handy

*might be masquerading as a racist monument I dunno

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Context for non portuguese people: en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Portug
Even nowadays the holiday "honours" Camões for writing THE epic glorifying imperialism.

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Anyone up to do a list of portuguese statues that need to go for a swim to celebrate the whitewashed Day of the Race? We still have 2 days left.

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But let's start with the genocidal psychopaths. thedailymash.co.uk/news/societ

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John Oliver: "If police are trying to convince the public they’re not guilty of displaying excessive force, it’s probably *not* a good idea to repeatedly display excessive force on national television" thedailybeast.com/john-oliver-

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When I was studying sound recording back in the early 90's, our instructor gave us a pithy bit of wisdom which has stuck with me across disciplines for nigh on thirty years.

But before I share, I need to define terms, as those have changed a bit.

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Also, it is not the role of the police to determine and administer punishment (up to and including death). I wish more of y'all paid attention in third grade civics 🙃

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Injustice cannot have a place in our societies, anywhere in the world! Europe stands up for and all the other victims of racial discrimination.

From Belgium to Italy, from to Portugal to Germany, we say no to racism!

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‘We gotta make America uncomfortable, like we’ve been uncomfortable for 400 years.’ — Eric Garner’s mother and @TheRevAl@twitter.com Sharpton are joining with other leaders to push for police accountability in the NYPD

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“Accountability feels like an attack when you’re not ready to acknowledge how your behavior harms others”

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Not understanding the difference between morality and legality is just... brain worms. This is basic stuff. Slavery was legal. The holocaust was legal. Etc. etc. etc. There have been a million tweets explaining this.

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"Nach einer Anti-Rassismus-Demonstration in Hamburg nimmt die Polizei 36 Menschen in Gewahrsam. Viele sind minderjährig, die meisten unbeteiligt. "Das war wie eine Jagd. Die Beamten sahen aus, als würde ihnen das Spaß machen"

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Thousands of Israelis rallied in Tel Aviv against the government’s plans to annex parts of the occupied West Bank.

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