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Wow 😳- they are really advanced at Zalando.

This presentation is worth every minute.

A very powerful setup, awesome tooling and generally interesting tips 👍🏻

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Watch Henning Jacob @try_except_@twitter.com present Zalando's approach to provisioning on AWS. bit.ly/309509H

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We finally open sourced for @ZalandoTech@twitter.com 🎉This is just in time for our @microXchg@twitter.com talk about this later today, how convenient! 😁

Nice work @njuettner@twitter.com @otrosien@twitter.com and everyone else involved 👌 github.com/zalando-incubator/e

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New project 🌟: Janitor to clean up any K8s resources after a configured TTL (via annotation) 🚮 github.com/hjacobs/kube-janito

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I started a compilation of Stories --- the list is still short, please help! Thanks to @obeattie@twitter.com and @adman65@twitter.com for their public postmortems github.com/hjacobs/kubernetes-

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