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How … nice. Someone proposes (A)GPL for a project. Google guy comes in says no. Why? Because he cannot use the code in that case. But Google is not involved? Well, with (A)GPL we will never fund this project. 🧐 Not good.

I’ve finished watching #TheSocialDilemma on #netflix fir the first time. Will watch it a few more times. Definitely is changing something in me. Need to reflect. Please watch it too.

Hibaku jumoku (被爆樹木) are trees which survived America's nuclear attacks on Japan in 1945.

Following the bombings, American scientists declared that the cities would be barren and lifeless for 75 years. They were wrong. The following spring, new shoots began to grow from the destruction, inspiring the survivors to rebuild their homes.

Many of those surviving trees are still alive today.

Also note: while the language is about women, it is absolutely obvious to anyone in #Iceland that in this context it means "people who get pregnant" and does not in any way limit the availability of this to #trans people.

I appreciate this choice of language, since sadly in #Poland making trans rights here explicit would have potentially given a wedge for the right-wing government to drive between protester groups. Poland is not there yet with trans acceptance.

Gotta choose your battles...

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Icelandic MP's propose a resolution to allow women from other #EEA countries to have abortions in #Iceland, if they don't have access to legal abortions at home:

This is in the context of recent anti-abortion ruling in #Poland and resulting #WomensStrike protests.

The beauty of it is that cost of the abortions would then be charged against the European healthcare scheme account, meaning Polish government would have to pay for them.

#WomensRights #StrajkKobiet #Polska

Ignore the Clickbait, sensationalist headlines and the weirdo conspiracy shit on social networks. That’s a (vocal) minority, amplified by bad algorithms designed to make Facebook, twitter etc money. Surveys clearly show that 80+% of German population understands. I love you ppl!

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After several months, @mobilizon is out!

It seems to be a very good fit in these times of protests when people need to self-organize to fight for their rights, away from large companies which can and have already censored them!

Have a look at the guided tour @Framasoft offers in their blog, it’s full of great ideas.

Congrats to them, I’m happy to support you financially, and it was well worth the wait 🎉

OMG, am dying!!!

Someone used the bug GitHub refused to fix, that allows you to add a commit to a repo you don’t control... to upload YouTube-dl to the DMCA request repo on GitHub.

@mva If Apple (or Google or Facebook or Microsoft) hadn't collected this data in the first place, it wouldn't have attracted the alphabet agencies to reap those spoils.

So the first to blame here are really the corporations. Yes, FBIs, CIAs, FSBs and SBUs of the world are famous power-hungry assholes. But the corps are great enablers of that.


I love tech companies upset about the fact they aren't allow to spy on people in some places anymore.

"It's our business model!" Okay, well have you considered it's a bad one?


Now, if this isn't the coolest thing you've seen today then you need to close the refrigerator. It's an animation of how bridges were built in Central Europe in the middle-ages.


This is the most #Russian thing I have heard of this week. Perhaps even this month.

> Russian cosmonauts trace air leak aboard orbital outpost with tea bag
> The tea bag’s sway in zero gravity conditions towards the air leak was registered by cameras

Difficult/dangerous issue? ✅
Space exploration involved? ✅
Simple, effective solution? ✅ ✅
Tea involved? ✅ ✅

(two check marks for 🍵 because you can bet your бабушка they had celebratory tea afterwards)

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