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@mva If Apple (or Google or Facebook or Microsoft) hadn't collected this data in the first place, it wouldn't have attracted the alphabet agencies to reap those spoils.

So the first to blame here are really the corporations. Yes, FBIs, CIAs, FSBs and SBUs of the world are famous power-hungry assholes. But the corps are great enablers of that.


I love tech companies upset about the fact they aren't allow to spy on people in some places anymore.

"It's our business model!" Okay, well have you considered it's a bad one?


Now, if this isn't the coolest thing you've seen today then you need to close the refrigerator. It's an animation of how bridges were built in Central Europe in the middle-ages.


This is the most #Russian thing I have heard of this week. Perhaps even this month.

> Russian cosmonauts trace air leak aboard orbital outpost with tea bag
> The tea bag’s sway in zero gravity conditions towards the air leak was registered by cameras

Difficult/dangerous issue? ✅
Space exploration involved? ✅
Simple, effective solution? ✅ ✅
Tea involved? ✅ ✅

(two check marks for 🍵 because you can bet your бабушка they had celebratory tea afterwards)

Don't 👏🏻 connect 👏🏻 your 👏🏻 TV 👏🏻 to 👏🏻 the 👏🏻 Internet!

Ever! Buy something - a Roku, an Apple TV, a PS4, an Xbox, a Raspberry Pi running Plex, *anything* - and use that as your video source. Don't ever use the TV's own Internet-connect apps. First, they're guaranteed to spy on you. All sly TV brands do this as far as I can tell. Second, they *suck* in comparison with what you get from a set top box.

Just don't do it!

Vielen Dank an alle, die geboostet haben, dass ich auf der Suche nach einem neuen #Linux Admin Job bin, weil meine jetzige Firma nach MS365 migrieren will.

Ich habe bereits einige Hinweise bekommen, aber ihr könnt natürlich gerne weiterhin boosten und Hinweise senden.

Noch kurz einige Eckdaten:
- 50 Jahre
- 20 Jahre Erfahrung Linux, davon 15 professionell als System und Netzwerk-Admin

- Ort: Düsseldorf, westl. Ruhrgebiet und/oder HomeOffice(bundesweit)

A test engineer walks into a bar, orders a mag of beer.
A test engineer walks into a bar, orders 50 mags of beer.
A test engineer walks into a bar, orders 0.746 mag of beer.
A test engineer walks into a bar, orders 10000 mags of beer.
A test engineer walks into a bar, orders a mag of pee.
A test engineer walks into a bar, orders a tank of water.
A test engineer walks into a bar, orders ahsbwhdheuc mag of beer.
A test engineer walks into a bar, orders /$&@"(&(: mag of beer.
A test engineer walks into a bar from drain, and leave by jumping out of the window.
A test engineer walks into a bar, orde
A thousand test engineers rush into a bar, and rush out.
A test engineer walks into a bar, orders 2"; DROP TABLE bar; mag of beer.
A test engine walks into the bar, punches tender's face.
A test engineer leaves the bar with satisfied face.

A client walks into the bar, orders a plate of pasta, the bar explodes.

Are you afraid of the extend/extinguish phase of Microsoft's acquisition of Bethesda/Obsidian?

I follow a person that:
Talks about how society is bad and needs to stop monopolies. Says that people need to use more open source and stop with the closed source stuff.

Sells software on Apple platform.
Instead of contributing to existing software prefers to reinvent the wheel recreating a lot of existing tools just to say they are the author.

Ahh the hypocrisy....

Announcing - an open-source, ActivityPub-compliant alternative to GoodReads, Coursera etc.

The goal is to build humanity's universal learning map by tagging learning resources with rich metadata such as topics, format, length, cost etc. There's a companion browser extension, a mobile app and peer-groups for project-based learning, mentored by selected experts and more.

The webapp is built with Ruby, Rails and PostgreSQL. Inviting devs:

"The Social Dilemma" is required watching. Share it with your muggle friends!

Hey people,
I have an open source project which is in need of a new icon.
I'm wondering, how does other projects manage to get such cool icons? Do they pay some designer to do it for them?

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