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Googleads is misleading people searching for . Please help retweet (if you are on twitter) to stop this.

signal app 

So Moxie backtracked and says they'll push a fix to make pins optional. Meanwhile if you don't add a pin (which the app still doesn't say will /upload your signal contact list into the signal servers/) you can't get back in to coordinate a platform switch with your secure contacts. Unless you were already using the desktop app which isn't pin locked, or somehow manage to downgrade the phone app.

Suddenly being held data-hostage -- turn over this data or you can't talk to the people, not even to arrange a different means of contact -- without any forewarning is unacceptable and a perfect example of why centralized infrastructure and single-client rather than interoperable systems are a major failure.

So, ironically, let’s start with the event’s web site itself.

First piece of advice: the Reject button on the cookie notice should NOT take you to This is both a #GDPR violation and a slap in the face of anyone who cares about their privacy.

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"So, there you have it. It is tinfoil-hattedness to raise these concerns. The one area in computer science where tinfoil-hattedness is of absolutely importance is cryptography; and the maintainer of the only Haskell entropy package dismisses these very valid concerns as tinfoil-hattedness." (Medium)

Very good read, especially since I want to discuss crypto later!

Facebook acquires OpenStreetMap partner Mapillary - 

@impiaaa @kyzh

Is it basically this?

1. set up a for-profit company
2. tell everyone it's a "collaborative", "open data" project
3. partner with a non-profit to earn brownie points & attention
4. train up your models and develop your tech based on crowdsourced data you got people to willingly upload
5. sell yourself to Evil Corp for $$$
6. shut down the open API, minimise and hamper any community efforts, maximise profits

: Miss desktop cubes and wobbly windows? Open "System Settings" ➡️ "Workspace Behavior" ➡️ "Desktop Effects" and discover a treasure trove of fancy desktop eye candy.💡

@nipos So. Google Fonts ist raus. Ich hab auch den Aufruf für meine Matomo-Statistik rausgeschmissen. Ich kann mit den Daten dort einfach gar nichts anfangen. Nur den Gravatar-Aufruf krieg ich irgendwie nicht weg, dabei cache ich die Gravatare genauso wie auf Danke für den Hinweis noch einmal. "Ihre Privatphäre ist uns wichtig" ;-)

Did you know that there is a face recognition app for Nextcloud? This is impressive. All Open Source and running locally


While I saw my parents do their absolute best in raising their kids, part of coming from a working class family is having to figure out a lot on your own.

You can't go to your parents for academic advice, they've never been to uni. Career advice is based on a labour market that doesn't exist anymore. Investment advice? “Just marry rich.”

Figuring this stuff out on your own is a tiring adventure. And yes these are privileged issues to have to think about. But still, they're there.

It's about time we stopped buying into the propaganda phrase "ad blockers", and started calling user-protection tools like #uBlockOrigin and #NoScript what they are; spy blockers. If I display ads on my website using HTML and CSS, spy blockers won't block those. As far as they know, the text, images, audio, or video that make up the ads could be anything. So what's really being blocked is not ads, but tracking. Thanks to the authors of this site, for pointing this out:

Chapter 99 in The Tech Industry Is Broken With Problems It Has No Desire To Fix.

Video: Boris Brezillon presents "Open Source Graphics 101: Getting Started", recorded at Embedded Linux Conference Europe 2019 in Lyon! #OpenSource #embedded #Linux #lfelc

Bundesgerichtshof: Facebook muss seine Profilbildung vorerst stoppen - herzlichen Dank und herzlichen Glückwunsch an das Bundeskartellamt für diesen Zwischenerfolg. Wettbewerbsrecht und Datenschutz Hand in Hand

GTKmm rant 

Don't take me wrong. I like GTK+, and I think technically is a great technology. I just dislike it's documentation, as it's sometimes quite hard to find the information you need.

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